Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 9

Thirteen Things Our Mom Has Learned About Us
By Tazo Tea Gizmo

1. Kittens teethe. For what seems like forever. (We were the first baby animals Momma ever had.) But we did like to chew on a frozen washcloth. Mmmmm.

2. If one of us gets riled up, we all do (Titus included). And sometimes it’s hard for us to calm down. Most of the time, we end up having a WWE cage match on Momma and Daddy's bed (sometimes while they're lying in it). Sometimes, somebody (usually EG) has to get a timeout in the litterbox room.

3. Titus doesn’t mind his collar, but me and EG hate them.

4. Heartgard heartworm pills make Titus’ tummy sick, so he takes Sentinel. But Momma has to sneak it into his kibble while he’s not looking. Otherwise, he’ll just roll it around in his mouth and then spit it out.

5. EG and I hate it when Momma and Daddy put those icky flea drops on us. EG gives her laser beam eyes. I just hide under the bed. Titus laughs and calls us wimpy.

6. Titus will eat almost anything. Anytime. Anywhere. See #9.

7. Kitties can get into any cupboard if we put our mind to it. And we will eat anything we find. See #8 and #9.

8. A Heartgard pill made for 51-100 pound dawgs eaten by a 6 pound kitty will not kill the kitty. But don’t try that at home.

9. Baby locks and baby gates aren’t that hard to install.

10. Titus likes belly rubs and ear scratches and scratches right above his tail. EG likes ear scratches the best. I like belly rubs and cheek scratches. We all like to be brushed.

11. Dawg shedding season starts in late April at our house. Mom thinks Titus probably sheds enough hair to make a sweater. She doesn’t really know how much we shed because T’s hair pretty much takes over. The scary vacuum comes out pretty much everyday at our house. Especially after EG pretends to eat the clumps of hair that T leaves on the couch. Ewww.

12. We work together to get in the trash. Depending on which trashcan we've set our sights on, either Titus or EG will drag it out and get it open and then we all share in the contents. It’s a blast!

13. Even though sometimes we do naughty stuff, Momma loves us so much she doesn’t know what she did before we came into her life. She says she can’t imagine her life without us.


  1. we have baby gates up since we gots a baby bean. They are a pain in our behind! They expect us to jump OVER THEM to get to our crunchies and water!

  2. baby gates - will the people nefurr learn?

  3. Your Mom has learned a lot of good things about you! I wish Pixie would help me get into the trash, that sounds like FUN!

  4. Hi! Great list. It is fun to learn about all our friends. Titus is a good woofie. One of mommy's woofies was the same way, she knows all about #9.
    I don't like pills or flea drops either! I run around like crazy after I get the drops on my neck. The beans laugh but I don't think it is funny.
    Glad to see you are all well.

  5. Oh wow, it must be fun to haf a big woofie to play wif. We use to haf one dat wuz only 6 pounds and him and Speedy used to get into all kinds of trubbul...

  6. We do the WWE thing too, and then Dorf usually ends up in timeout. Yup. Your mom has learned a lot about you guys.

    Luf, Us

  7. Thank you for stopping by our TT 13. I love learning new things about everyone. I hate the flea stuff, too. I run outside and roll in the dirt and stay mad at mom all day.

    Ugh!! Mom has to practically sit on me to get he stuff on..
    High 5 paw,

  8. Its a good thing your mom had such great fur-creatures to learn from. I bet she's an expert at this point.

    Kaze guys want to rough house some time?

  9. Hello Earl Grey:
    I tagged you for the meme "7 Random Things About Me(You.)" Check out my blog for the instructions.
    Be Blessed,

  10. Wonderful list! Kitties definitely teeth. I teethed for what seemed like forever too. It sounds like Titus sure sheds a lot!


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