Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tabby Tongue Tuesday

Am I a tabby? I'm not sure, but it sounds good in the title. Check out my tongue. Mom thinks I might look a little like this guy (even though he kinda creeps her out). I must admit that he makes me kind of askeered, too.

Happy Tuesday!

PS - Thanks for all the advice yesterday about my floofy-ness. I feel lots better.

PS2 - Holy cats! I think I might really be a tabby! Yippee!


  1. That is a very impressive tongue!!! I bet you can really eat a lot of food with that.


  2. Quiet a nice tongue you have there.
    That other guy is kind of scary to us, too, but you are cute!

  3. Aaaahhhhh! That picture scairded me! But I think your tongue is cute. And I think you are a tabby 'n white!

  4. Yup, we finks uze a tabby. Great tongue akshun. That Kiss pikshur skeert us.

    Nope, no poodin shreds tissues heer.

    Luf, Us

  5. That's a supergreat tongue! And I don't think you look like that bean -- you're much better lookin'.

  6. thats a skeery bean. yu is not skeery. we hopes yu is a tabby iffens that is what yu wants. it dus make a good title.

    yuki & kimiko

  7. Oh my gosh, mom had a flash back to her teenage past! KISS! Your tongue is every bit as impressive! But I agree with Chairman Mao, you are much cuter!

  8. That is quite a toungue! You give Gene Simmons a run for his money. But, you are much better looking!

  9. WOW!!! You sure have got a long tongue...amazing!

    PS. Mommy LOL'd seeing "that guy"...it's been a loooooooooong time since she saw "that guy"!

  10. iz dat yer tongue??????????wowie kazowie!
    u can be a tabby. i'm a tabby. we can be tabbiez together.
    luv--yer brudder in tabbyness--jh

  11. Holey moley! Wow...we is impressed.

    We're three tabbies and two tuxies...I fink the tabbies win, don't yu?

    Ping, Jinx and Gracie(the 3 tabbies)


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