Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 44

It's been a little rough around our house this week. Momma doesn't do the time change very well. So here are 13 Things (Good and Bad) about Daylight Savings Time:

1. Meals are served one hour earlier. (Good)

2. Titus did not hear the Monday morning breakfast alarm (he usually jumps right up as soon as it goes off). Momma got super askeered and thought that he was, well, it's way too terrible and we're not going to say it out loud. (Bad)

3. Our middle of the night Thundering Herd of Elephants schedule has been seriously thrown off. We haven't done it all week. (Bad)

4. Momma is walking around in a fog and made a mistake and gave us extra kibbles. (Good)

5. Momma changed the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and then tested them. And it's super loud and askeery. (Bad)

6. Momma is in such a fog that she allowed us to run dangerously low on kibbles. (BAD)

7. We scored extra stinky goodness because of the kibble shortage. (GOOD)

8. We have not been getting our regularly scheduled play/scritchy time with Momma. (Bad)

9. Momma is so tired that she has been laying around on the couch all week. Which means EXTRA SNUGGLE TIME. (Good)

10. Not much laundry has been done this week, so Tazo's nappy spot on the dryer hasn't been as warm and cozy as usual. (Bad)

11. Our nap schedule is off so Momma keeps poking us and waking us up and asking if we are ok. (Bad)

12. We lost one whole hour of precious nap time. (Bad) But we have been working super hard on making it up. (Good)

13. EXTRA CUDDLE TIME in the mornings because Momma naps on the couch for an hour instead of working out. (Good)

Happy Thursday to everyone!


  1. Wow, you guys changed your clocks already? We don't change ours until the end of the month. That's a good list of the good and bad about the time change.

  2. We have to wait an hour later to outside (bad), but Mom still makes us come while it's still light(bad).

    We're not feeling it.

  3. 6 good, 7 bad. Well~~
    I think it's a normal week as usual~~~~

    "7. We scored extra stinky goodness because of the kibble shortage. " I am happy reading about this :>

  4. yeah, my Mom would freak out if Diamond Doggy didn't leap up for the breakfast bell too!

  5. The time change has messed things up at my house, too.

  6. I hate the noise the smoke "detesters" make!

  7. Sometimes beans are hard to understands. We loves them anyway with all their faults!

  8. our mommy has been a zombie when she's home. she comes home, feeds us and goes to bed. at least we get extra snuggle time.

  9. Sounds like you guys are having the same kind of week we are. Mommy is in a daze, but most of the time it works out well for us!

    Hi Tazo!
    Would you be my date for Tybalt's Party? Oh and Captain Jack's too? And any other parties and holidays in the near future?!
    Purrs and nosekisses,

  10. Same thing going on in our house with that time change.

  11. Tell Titus I would never chomp his ears. truthfully, I have never been a chomper. I do enjoy licking.

    I liked this TT. Mom hates losing an hour... it makes her woozy all week too. I have had lots of extra meals this week... it is just fun to mess with their fuzzy heads, huh


  12. This is such a great TT! The time change kicked my mom's butt there for a few days, too. She's feeling more normal today, though. She compares losing an hour to a mild case of jet lag -- and as much as a spaz as she can be, she just hates the thought of "losing" an hour even though she makes it up in the Fall!

    I'm glad you're all getting extra cuddle time! We've all been very cuddly with Mom and Dad, too.

    And my sweet Earl, I am sending whiskie-kisses and lots of girlcat snuggles!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  13. Ooh I fink your Momma is as bad as mine at loosing hours of sleep... ;) With My Mummy functioning on just 3 hrs sleep at most for the first 3 days of the kittens lives, we too have had many "interesting" meal times etc. The bestest one was when she fed us our stinky goodness at breakfast and then forgotted and gave us more at lunch as well as our dinner time lot! :) That one was way good! :)

  14. So that's what is going on around here? I was beginning to worry.
    Thanks for the info!

    ~Shade and Goldie

  15. I know what you mean! This Daylight Savings Time has messed up my schedule something awful! Deb goes to bed far to early now and expects me to be tired, too! (Bad) I kick my feet all the way down the hall to my room just to show her how I feel about it!(Good)


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