Friday, March 28, 2008

Freezing Froot Bat Friday

Here are my frozen ears of corn. It is very freezing here in the Mitten State. Again. Or still. We got more snow last night. This is me right after I came in from my 9 o'clock potty break. I was covered in snow. So Mom dried me off, got me up on the couch next to Dad, and covered me up. It was pretty cozy.

This is me getting ready to blog. I am still covered up, so Mom said she'd type for me. Dad and I watched the rest of Celebrity Apprentice and some March Madness basketball while Mom typed. It turned out to be a pretty relaxing night, despite all the snow.

In other news, EG got in trouble last night. He chased Tazo up on top of the cable box and then put a giant bitey on her neck. She screamed, I jumped up to defend her, and Dad grabbed EG. It was a pretty exciting night. EG had to get a time out. He was still mad after that, so he tried to put the bitey on my ear. He got in trouble for that, too.

Happy Froot Bat Friday everyone!


  1. You look pretty cozy wrapped up in that blanket, Titus! We got a little snow here, but it sounds like you got more! It's supposed to snow again today, so I may be wrapped up in a blanket tonight!

    Keep those froot bat ears nice and warm!

  2. It must be the time of year for brothers to be brats. Rudy kept attacking all of us last night and Diamond had to keep breaking it up. We are all mad at Rudy today.
    I hope your ears of corn thaw out Titus, oh, and you look adorable!

  3. yeah, apparently Billy thought last night was a biety kind of night too and he gotted put in time out too.

    mommy is upset that the british jerk won.

  4. Oh poor you, Titus. Sorry to hear it is cold and snowy. We hope it warms up for you soon. You look very sad, but cozy, all bundled up like that.

  5. Titus, you are such a cute doggie all curled up like that with your blanket!

  6. I was all covered in snow after my potty break too Titus, but I don't think we got as much as you guys.


    Tazo, I'll be right over - watching Daddy's shovel snow is fun! Our Daddy said it was going to melt, so he didn't do it - Mommy thinks he was just being lazy :-)


  7. Poor frozen frootbat, Titus! Maybe you can get your Mom to get you an indoor bathroom?

    EG, you were a very naughty gray boy!

  8. Titus, you are very brave to go potty in the snow. I do not think I would be able to do that.

  9. Snow just seems to bring the worst out in effurybody! You look so comfy in your blankie with your Daddy!

  10. You look so sweet and cozy all bundled up that way!

  11. Ah Titus, you look so cute cuddled up on the sofa!

    Is Tazo alright? It sounds like EG had a bad evening.

  12. You look so nice and cozy, all covered up like that. We had that same, stupid snow. YUK. Quite an exciting night you had. We are hoping for a quiet night here.


  13. Sorry you got snow, this last one missed us. YIPEE.

  14. Titus, you look so cold! Spring is coming Buddy!
    Just snuggle in deeper, maybe cover up them frozen ears!

    I bet EG is just getting a liitle snow crazy. Up here a guy tried to shoot a snow plow driver. It has been too long of a winter for sure!

  15. Poor Titus! But you look nice and comfy now! Give poor EG a break, everyone is probably getting tired of the cold weather there!


  16. You poor animabibbles getting so much icky weather in Mishiegan. I think you have had the worst winter ever.
    Titus as always you are so handsome wrapped in that manly green blankie and your blazing pink nose and ears.
    Isn't it great how our mom's just take such good care of us.
    I hope this week-end you get some sun and meltage.

    Caesar used to do that when we were young. He always got in trouble too. sometimes I would scream for no good reason other than to get him in trouble!

  17. Oah Dear....Poor Titus~~
    I wish I could send my Michico hugs you~!!! You really freezing!

  18. wook cozy, all snuggled in there.

  19. You look sooooo cold! Hope it warms up soon for all the mitten state bloggers!

  20. You look very very VERY cozy and you deserve it! Havin' to tinkle in the snow must be awful! We will try to send you some warm sunshine from our house to yours!

    Very truly yours,
    The Whiskers & Purrs Gang

  21. You look super cozy under the blankie! It's really warm here in Houston. I'm sending some warm breezes your way!

  22. Poor Titus, you look so cold!! Good thing you can bundle up like that though, looks warm.

  23. You look cute all snuggled in like that Titus. Your Mom is very nice to type for you so you did not have to come out of your blanket.

    It sounds like Ruckus has been talking to EG. She has been attacking all of us for the last couple of days.

    Zeke and Sushi want you to give EG and Tazo big face licks for them. I think just telling them hello would probably work better from their point of view.

  24. You do look all snuggly in that blankie Titus.

    Desperation undies? As long as they're not depends.

    Luf, Us

  25. Oh, Titus -- you look nice and cozy, stay warm in that cold weather!

    And oh dear, I'm sorry to hear my sweet Earl got in trouble! He is such a feisty mancat, but tell him I said he really shouldn't put the bitey on his sister. Or on your ears! But I understand feeling rambunctious -- though I love MaoMao, sometimes I just can't keep myself from screaming at him and whapping him, just for the pure fun of it.

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo, and please tell cutiepie Earl I am sending him Whiskie Kisses!

  26. Hi, Titus! I'm sorry you're a frozen frootbat! Keep warm and snuggly in that blanket.

    Oh dear, I'm sorry Earl Grey is being rambunctious -- sometimes young mancats can be quite incorrigible. I know from whence I speak. My little brother MaoMao, though I love him dearly, drives me crazy from time to time by chasing me! I cannot believe that he tries to make me behave in such an undignified manner.

    At any rate -- my little sister, Dorydoo, is quite rambunctious and a tomboy, too, and I've been trying as hard as I can to teach her manners!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  27. You look very warm and comfy now. You get a lot of love at your house. I'm sorry EG has been missbehaven lately.


  28. What an exciting Friday! We have more snow here too! It sucks!


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