Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 45

Here are Thirteen Things about my Thursday, which as you will see, has had its ups and downs:

1. Mom stayed home from her hunting place today, so we took a nap on the couch after breakfast. Just me and Mom. Just like we do on Saturdays. Only today is Thursday. This is very unusual.

2. Dad and Mom and me all hung out on the couch and drank coffee and watched some March Madness baskety-ball stuff. Me and Mom were super bored, so I got lots of belly rubs.

3. Me and Mom watched the girlfriend of the boy next door climb in his bedroom window. We were both shocked. And we ran to get Dad so that he could watch it, too, but he just rolled his eyes. Mom said she thought that that stuff only happened in the movies. And she told me that Mosaic Dawg is not allowed to climb in my bedroom window. Ever. Because we are good and respectable dawgs who come from very nice families. Mom asked Dad if this is what happens in our neighborhood during the day and he said that he didn't know - he doesn't usually stare at the neighbors. And he rolled his eyes at Mom again. heh

4. Mom followed me outside on my after breakfast-outing and ::whispers:: picked up a hunk of my dookie. This is not a good sign. She only does that for one reason - the V-E-T. Crapity crap crap crap.

5. Mom took a shower and got dressed. And put the gooey stuff in her hair. That means she's going somewhere. Usually if she has a day off from the hunting place, she declares it jammy day. (Maybe I should save this one for tattle tail Tuesday?) I started to get a bad feeling about this.

6. She got my harness and leash out. I got very, very excited. Because I thought we were going for a walk. But then she opened the car door. It occurred to me that she might be a very cool Mom today and take me to the park for a walk. We got in the car and drove and drove and drove. This is not a good sign. Because we do not have to drive and drive and drive to get to the park. Crapity crap crap crap.

7. We parked and got out and we were at the V-E-T's office. Grrrrr. Mom let me sniff around the shrubs outside. And then she dropped her car keys on the ground. In what she hopes was mud. heh It grossed her out pretty good. Serves her right as far as I'm concerned today.

8. There were two little sticky beans in the waiting room. One was holding a sucker and one was eating crackers. I wanted to buddy up to them. Mom wouldn't let me. Grrrr. One of them thought I was a wolf. I thought I would've liked to wolf down his crackers. Grrrr.

9. Alicia, the very nice tech, took me and Mom into the back. She told me that I was very handsome. She also told me that I didn't need to be so askeered. Well, Alicia, I don't know about you, but I really don't think anything hurty is going to happen to you today. Unlike me. Yes, I'm mad.

10. My bloods got stoled. And I wouldn't stop bleeding, so I had to get a bandage. Which sucked.
But nobody stuck anything in my spot #13.

11. Dr. C looked at me and poked at me and then stabbed me in the booty with big sharp needles and squirted stuff in my nose. I hate that one. But I snorted and it shot out all over her and Mom. hehe

12. While we were waiting to check out, another very nice tech came out and told me that I was super handsome. She scritchied on my ears and then she came back out with the hugest cookie I've ever seen. It was tasty. It was also nice to be able to enjoy a cookie without having to share the crumbs with a certain speckley kitten.

13. Then we stopped and bought a sammich for Dad. But not one for me. This is not good. Dad was at his friend's work, so we stopped there. Dad came out to get his sammich and then took me in the office. I got lots of attention. It almost made up for the fact that I had to go to the V-E-T. But Dad snuck me a bite of sammich without Mom noticing, so that was ok. While we were at the office place, I met a pretty nice lady. But it was obvious that she didn't have any furbabies at her house. Because when Mom told her that we'd been to the V-E-T, she asked if I had gotten my flea shot. Flea shot! Hahahahahaha! Mom giggled and giggled when we got in the car.

I hope you all have had a better Thursday than I have.


  1. Bummer about the VET visit, mum was home today too, but she took grampie to his doctor.

  2. Oh doots, we hate going to that vet place!

  3. My mommy bean wentted to the human vet today. Thank the cats it wasnt's me! Sorry to hear you had to go Titus.

  4. At least you got a big cookie from the v-e-t...that is more than I get!

  5. ohTitus
    The vet stuff sucks..sowwy you got stabbeded and youw blood got stolden, but I'm glad about the cookie and the sammich(I won't tell youw Mom).the sitting on the sofa and belly wubs stuff sounds good too..You awe a vewy handsome!!! andI'm glad they acknowledged it. wow you have intewesting neighbow stuff to a soap opewa hehehe
    say hi to Tazo and Eawl Gweay fow me
    smoochie kisses,

  6. Awwww, Titus! We Ballicai are sorry you hadded to go to the vet but you did a furry ecksellent post about your day! And that's cool that you gotted a cookie, but I'm sorry you didn't get a sammitch.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin whiskie kissies and googly eyes to EG!

  7. Oah Dear,
    you also have VET time?
    I hope today you could eat many things that you like to eat!!!!!
    Lovely Titus is the best!

  8. Poor Titus!!! Your Mom stayed home just to take you to the V-E-T? You are furry speshul indeeeed. No wundur yu got a cookie.

    Luf, Us

  9. Aw Titus, you had a rough day! Sorry about that buddy! Don't tell Pearl, but I heard Mommy talking to Daddy about Tuesday...

    Say hi to my sweet little tea cup Tazo for me!!


  10. Oh Titus, we are sorry to hear you had to go to the vet. :( We are glad you got a cookie though!

  11. You get cookies from your VET! Wow, I wish we did...

  12. DUUUUUUDE! I had to go there too!
    It was NO fun, NO fun at all!

  13. We're so sorry you had to go to the vet, Titus, but it sounds like the rest of your day was pretty cool! (Especially the bit of sammich -- and the strange lady who thought you got a Flea Shot!!!)


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