Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ear Tips and Tazo Tuesday *Updated*

These are my ear tips. They have been very, very chilly lately. Because even though it is spring now, Mother Nature hasn't caught on. In fact, we are supposed to get a little more snow today. I am a little tired of having freezy toes and frozen ears of corn.

UPDATE: Look at the cool Tazo Tippers that Zoey left for me. My ear tips feel much, much better now. Thank you, Zoolatry!

In other news, last night we all got a bite of chicken. Momma gave EG a chunk and he just stared at it. Then she gave me a chunk and I stared at it, too. But then I carried it behind the treadmill. Titus did not stare at his chunk. He gobbled it up. But while Momma was rassling with Titus (who was trying to eat *our* chunks of chicken), she wasn't paying attention to EG and his chunk or me and my chunk. EG dropped his down behind the couch cushions and just stared at it some more. I may or may not have hidden mine under the treadmill. hee hee Momma had to get Titus to go on a chicken hunt. She's pretty sure that there is no more hidden chunks of chicken, but she told us that we might be in a little bit of trouble if our hidden chicken starts to stink.

In other news, this morning I found some saltines in the cupboard. So I helped myself. But then Momma heard the crackly plastic and tooked them away. :( Then EG started to push Momma's coffee mug off the counter. She heard that, too, and tooked it away. She did try to make it up to me by giving me a q-tip to play with. But then she tooked that away, too, before she left for work. :( I don't think that we are allowed to have any fun today.


  1. Mommy's always take the good stuff away when they leave!
    If that were me and the chicken, well, let's just say no one would need to worry about it getting stinky!

  2. Tazo, your ear tips are very cute! Sorry to hear your mom took away all your fun toys!

    We are sure that Titus will find and eat any leftover chicken bits!

  3. poor cold ear tips Tazo! mommy noticed mines was really cold last night too. - Sammy

    you HIDED your chick-hen chunks? why? was they seasoned wif somefing gross? I will spit mine out if they're seasoned wif somefing gross. (well, i will take it out of mommy's hand and then not close my mouf so it falls out, then i run and get a drink of water.) - Miles


  4. you just stared at your chick-hen? you didn't eat it? Do you want to send it over here?

  5. Shall we send you ear muffs for the Tazo-Tips? Terrific tips they are... it cannot be too long until spring, we hope.

  6. Hi again... Zoey left some "ear muffs" in your mailbox. Being a Florida girl she doesn't need them anymore. Hope you don't mind that they are pink-sparkly ones.

  7. Hi guys!
    This post made my mom laugh because she used to have a kitty who LOVED playing with q-tips. She thought he was just weird...but this proves that he wasn't!
    Hope it warms up where you are soon!
    Love Clover xo

  8. I like to play with Q-tips, too! Especially when you can get the cotton part all stretched out long and stringy.

  9. Oh sweet tea cup! I'll be right over to help keep your ears warm! Once you're warmed up, we'll find those crackers again ;-)


  10. I'm so glad you gotted some covers for your cute little ears. It is no fun having freezing ears and toes.

    Q-tips are the funnest thing to play with! If Mom doesn't give me one then I swipe it out of the bathroom trash, which grosses her out.

  11. Titus is a Hoover dog - that is what our beans call the dogs when they are gobbling down any remaining crumb of food. We think it refers to the Hoover vaumn monster.....

  12. Cold ears? Oh, that is not good. You need a nice fleece hat or something!

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  14. I think this behavior is very good for mommies blood pressure... she needs this.

    I hope the chicken does not stink... Titus will find it then anyway.


  15. I hope that chicken is ok!
    But I think you all figure out something is wrong with chunk~!

    And your ears are just adorable~! Tazo!

  16. chicken under da tredmill? hmm.
    chicken in da cowch? hmm.
    chicken in mi belly? yes ...yes!

  17. Chicken, and you just stared at it? You are nuts. NUTS I tell you. Chicken is good. Yummy, delicious. Next time you don't want chicken, you just let me know and I will eat it.


    All of it!

  18. Der is no hidden chick-hen in our house unless mom is hiding it from us! Sadie thinks dat ritz crackers are treats and tries to steal dem all da time.

  19. That's hilaryoous beckause whenefur Momma cooks Chicken, Brainball ackts like he's just GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA have some but then when Momma gives him some he looks at it like he doesn't know what he oughta do with it then starts battin it around.

    Heh. I eat it!

    Q-TIPS????? DID YOU SAY Q-TIPS?????? Them things are coffee stirrurs witih HAIR!!!!!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin whiskie kisses to EG! And she's sayin hehehe about the coffee muggie!

  20. Tazo,
    Doze are cool muffs. Do dey comez in lime green?

  21. When my ears get chilly....Meowm rubs them. It feels really good!

  22. Wow, what started out as a fun day turned boring real fast, didn't it?

  23. You have very cute ears, Tazo. I'm glad that Zoey made you some Tazo Tippers so they could stay warm. That was a very nice thing to do!

    I don't know what chicken is, but I'd probably stare at it, too! I hope it doesn't start stinking and get you guys in trouble!


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