Monday, March 24, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: Make sure to snuggle with your brother and sister and Dad because it makes you look you exceptionally cute and lessens the chance of getting in trouble. Especially after you've done something super bad. Like push The Mom's mug of coffee off of the counter. heh heh


  1. That's a very good rule, EG. We do that all the time. Mom has not been exactly pleased with Gandalf lately. We used to be indoor cats and after 2 years in Georgia, Gandalf has honed his hunting skillsquite a lot. He can catch stuff mid-flight! Mom loves every critter and it makes her sad when he does stuff like that. But she understands he is, after all, a cat.

  2. Awwwws.

    Tazo, you are brave. We would never curl up that close to Kesey's butt. He's stinky.

  3. That's a very good rule EG - it's amazing what cute can overcome!

    Um, dearest Tazo, I have to agree with Riley & Tiki - that might not be the safest end of Titus to curl up! Hope you all had a not too snowy Easter!

  4. Wow, a pile on like that would give mom a hot flash!
    All of you look incredibly cozy. Your dad is one lucky guy to have all of you to power nap with him.

    the coffee cup thing...EG, let it go, only humans hold on to stuff like that for soooo long. Just act like you forgot about it and she can't exactly be miffed at you if you don't remember what you did...


  5. If humans leave a cup with liquid in it just sitting around, THEY are are responsible for what happens! Do not blame yourself EG, you're just doing what comes naturally. I've done the same thing many times and I don't feel one bit guilty!


  6. Cute gets you out of anything. Well almost anything. I tried cute and laptop case rubbing this morning and got yelled at. I mean me, yelled at???!


  7. Oh, my mom is saying SQUEE over that picture -- so cute and adorable how all of you are snoozing on your dad!

    Good job on the coffee, EG! *big girlcat grin* I like pulling the coffee stirrers out of Mom's and Dad's coffee mugs. All us Ballicai are Coffee Stirrer Monsters -- even Marilyn!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo, and lots and lots of whiskiekisses and googly eyes to my cutiepie Earl!

  8. How cute. Also works if you've climbed on the table AGAIN and get caught at it. Again!


  9. that is a very very good rule. i have an evil alter ego to take my blame, of course i'm the one who gets wet....
    i like your rule better....

  10. Sorry about the mug, but stuff happens, you know! You all look very cute there. What a snugglefest!

  11. Excellent rule, EG. We find that snuggling and looking cute manage to get us forgiven for a lot of things!


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