Monday, March 3, 2008

Thank You and Mancat Monday

Like a squillion years ago, we got a prize package from Skeeter, LC, and Ayla for winning their Guess the Date of their 500th Post contest. This is the super cool note that we got from them.

Here I am reading the note. (It smelled super good - like Temptations).

This is what we got: a fev-ver butt fishie (which is a super, duper hit around here), some pom poms (which we had never seen before, but are super cool!), and guess what? TEMPTATIONS!!! We have never had them before.

Here I am, checking everything out:

HoggingInspecting the fishie toy is a very important task.

Temptations are awesome! We each got one - even Titus. But then The Mom had to put them away because someone kept trying to indiscriminately eat our Temptations all up. *cough*Titus*cough*

Thank you Skeeter, LC, & Ayla! You guys rock!

In other news, it was a rough weekend to be a mancat around our house. On Thursday night, Dad had his hands full and was trying to get in the house. He didn't pay much attention as he was coming in the door. About 10 minutes later, The Mom noticed that one of the Furry Kids was not around. She freaked (or so I'm told, because I'm the one who was missing heh heh). She ran to the backdoor, flung it open, and saw me standing there. OUTSIDE. She grabbed me and looked me all over, and looked through my furs for any cuts and/or mortal wounds and then started crying. She was so askeered that I was gone forever. Whatever. I was just happy to get outside to enjoy the snow. Then the yelling started. At Dad. Oh, boy, I felt bad for him. heh Then I started yelling, which freaked her out even more because she thought maybe I ate something weird while I was outside and was really sick. It was a rough night. The weekend only got worse because she kept fawning over me and bugging Dad to do a head count whenever he walked in the door. It was super annoying. And to top it off, last night she found half a milk jug ring on the floor and can't find the other half. And Dad got yelled at again for leaving it out. It wouldn't be such a huge deal except that today is the one year anniversary of the first day I was sick with my obstruction and the kick off of the month from H-E-double hockey sticks last year. heh heh The next few days should be interesting.

Then this morning, she got mad because we were all up at 4:43 am. Whatever. She made us wait until 5:30 for breakfast, which was rude. Then she was trying to go back to sleep and we were trying to do our patrols. And practice WHAPPING. Sammy, you would have been proud. She got mad and grabbed me and put me under the covers with her. And then the worst thing happened. She covered up her head. And then breathed her awful morning breaths on me. I had to run away. And then whap some more stuff. I couldn't wait for her to leave for work.


  1. Wow, EG. It sounds like you had a busy weekend! I hope the other half of the milk jug ring isn't inside you . . . purrs!

  2. Oah Dear!
    I am so glad your mommy notice you were outside, your mommy must be very proud of you are safe~!!!!!

    And, yes, you are all made Sammy very proud, I believe~!!!! Hehehehe~!!!!! After you have breakfast, please snuggle with your mommy for a while ok!!? She is very nice and loves you all so much!

  3.'ve NEVER had Temptations??? Well I hope you like them! I think the Toy Man would loose his man bits if he let one of us out. Yup, I'm pretty sure that would happen.


  4. I am very glad you finally got to sample some of the delicious Temptations! The snack of the gods.

    I have to tell you something serious now. You are my good friend, but you were a little bit Wrong to go outside by yourself. Because you could get lost. So please do not do that again. Okay?

  5. Wow, you guys certainly had an exciting weekend!

    EG, you should not go outside by yourself, you are very lucky you were not abducted!

  6. How could you NEVER have Temptations? I am soo sorry that you guys have been so deprived of so wonderful a treat. I'm also so sorry that there was a yell-a-thon at your house this weekend. I'm also hoping that you've not snarfed down the other half of that milk ring!

  7. We know how you felt EG. When we lived in Florida we were Not Allowed to go outside because of all the big city traffic. Once in a while we would sneak out when someone opened the door and Mom totally went a little bit crazy. Now we have a curfew, but we can go outside in our yard. It's pretty good! We can hunt, or stretch out in the Sunshines!

  8. Yep - the Dad always gets in trouble around here too! We're gad that they found you so quickly and you didn't spend all night out like Jake!

    Hi Tazo, did you have an ok weekend, or did EG get all the attention? Just let me know if I need to teleport over to give you extra headbuts!


  9. Wow what an adventure! Good thing you didn't REALLY run away you were just outside the door. Don't do that again it is too scary for the Beans.

  10. You certainly had one busy weekend! We are glad that you did not go far when you went outside though. We do not need any friends getting lost, that's for sure!!

  11. We're glad ya got the toys an temptations. Wow, ya had nefer had Temptations before? How does one live without them at least a few a day? Looks like Earl Grey was enjoyin the fevver-butt fishie...

    Gee Earl, ya sure caused a commotion by gettin out even though ya stayed right there at home. Good for ya! Gotta keep the Beins on their toesies!

  12. Your prize is super cool. That feather fish looks like a blast!

    I think my mommie would have been crying too. She worries a lot about me now.
    Caesar and I have never been outside. Mommie would freak.

    I hope your dad is out of the "doghouse" ha

  13. What a weekend you had!

    Looks like you got some fun stuff - enjoy!

  14. I fink that four of you should get a packet of temptations every week, as you are so lovely.

  15. Wow, what a wild weekend. Sounds like over here, the dad getting in trouble and all. I hope things have calmed down a bit. The PM here is in her, "I am just going to ignor you" phase. No big yelling fits. I would have liked to see that. Hee Hee.

    Glad you are back inside OK. I bet Titus hid the other half of the ring just to stir up some crap!


  16. Earl, Earl, Earl...Don't do those things to your Mommy!
    Especially on such an awful anniversary!

  17. OMDawg! You've never had the pleasure of a loverly Temp-tay-shuns sliding ofer yur raspy tongue an ticklin yur tonsils as you scarf it down???????

    Wow. One year since you ated the purple thing. That seems like ages ago.

    It sounds like your Daddy is in Titus's howse...

    Luf, Us

  18. *GRIN!* Earl, you are such a rugged and adventurous mancat. I love adventures, too, but I'm not much of a door darter (Mao, though, on the other hand...!). Stay inside, cutiepie!

    My mom is always doing head counts, too! She'll say "All Ballicai are present and accounted for."

    Love and cuddles and whiskie kisses from Dorydoo!

  19. That does sound like a pretty rough weekend! (But, pretty exciting to get outside, too! Weren't you scared???)


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