Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Has (Not) Sprung (Yet)

So Mom wanted to enter this picture in the Simply Siamese Spring Contest. Except she wanted to tweek it a little. And never got around to it. And then found out that voting has started. But I digress. Anyway, today I needed to interrupt our regularly schedule T13 because we wanted to show you what's been going on around here the last couple of days.

On Monday, it was 50° or so here in the old Mitten State. The above picture made us all happy. Green grass, sunshine, smiling white dawg. You get the picture. We were SURE that spring was finally here. heh

Then look what happened Tuesday night - 6" of snow. This is a picture of one of the roads Mom takes to work. It's normally a 4 lane road, but the plows hadn't come through yet, so it was only 2 tracks each way. (And no, she does NOT recommend taking pictures while driving. ha ha)

Here she's going over the overpass - also normally 4 lanes.

Here is a giant pile of snow from a snowplow working on a parking lot. She liked the truck in there for comparison. Look how little it looks. She wanted to go offroading on the snowpile, but there were too many people around. hee hee

We're supposed to get more snow starting tomorrow. So, spring's not here yet. But we're going to keep looking at this picture of a very handsome, white dawg to keep our spirits up.

We hope you all have a great Thursday!


  1. Its coming I promise!! Our trees are starting to bud...kind of. Sorry about the snow stuff...ICK!! The AM also thinks taking pictures of snowy roads while driving is a bad idea but he's done it a lot too.


  2. Oh, I remember the funny pink flamingo from last spring!

  3. Oh we like the green grass, our's isn't green yet but we are getting the nice days and then the cold icky days too ~the Fluffy Tribe

  4. Titus, you are so cute with your pink friend!

  5. ::Claps paws over eyes::
    You can't make me look at any more snow, you just can't!!!!!!!!

  6. We had pretty much the same weather change here - Sun. was 80, Mon was 32, Tues 25 and 6 inches of snow!

    I really like your springtime picture of such a handsome white dog smiling!

    Purrrrrs, Willow

  7. More snow is coming!! Oh no! You guys got more than us on Wednesday. It's not looking good for spring coming - ever!

    Hello Sweet Tazo - at least we can have a good time watching Daddy use the snow eating machine, would you like to come over? Mommy just bought fresh kitty grass!


    P.S. That picture of Titus is great!

  8. Ha, ha, ha.....that is such a cute photo of Titus and the Flamingo!

  9. Oh smiling Titus. You make our day sing.

    ~Goldie and Shade

  10. We want spring in Whiskerconsin too. Thankfully our snow machine hasn't been so busy lately.

  11. Mom had to look away, she hates snow. Lucky its been nice so far this week! We all hopes you has more great weather!

  12. Yup, we know exactly what you mean. It has been nice the last day and a half and it is supposed to POUR on Saturday. Sigh.


  13. The weather was *teasing you! That green grass looks so nice ...

  14. Haven't you been told that "snow" is a 4 letter word, that's a bad word, and it shouldn't be used!? ;)

    To cheer you up after that chilly shock to your systems have a look at my 'sis 's belly move thanks to the kittens! ;)

  15. Oh, no! Deb was compaining about a little frost on her windows yesterday after several days of nice weather. Guess she'll keep her mouth shut now! Hee Hee!


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