Friday, March 21, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

This is me two nights ago. Innocently snoozing on my dad. Not a care in the world. I have no idea what's going to happen to me the next day. At the V-E-T's.

This is me right after we got home from that fateful appointment. I am not happy. I will NOT do froot bat ears. Nope. I'm not even going to look at you, Mom.

Not gonna look. (Hmmm, these look sort of froot batty...) No, no, no. Nope. Not going to be a froot bat this week.

Fine. I'll look at you. But you're not getting any froot bat. None.

::sighs::OK, FINE. But I'm not happy about it. See this face? This is my mean face. I'd watch my back if I were you.


  1. That photo of you and your dad is wonderful, Titus! :) You look so comfy and relaxed. :) You don't look happy at all in the other photos.

  2. I wouldn't give her the frootbat ears either Titus - and I kind of have some, cause I had to go to the groomer the other day!


    P.S. Bert wants me to say hi to Tazo - his sweetie, cuddl... I'm not saying that Bert!

  3. Whoa, that was a very dramatic, whirlwind day you had yesterday, Titus. I was on the edge of the couch just reading about it. You are a real trooper to even think about giving some froot bat after a day like that.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  4. Titus, after your very scairty day yesterday you are very right to withhold the frootbats.

  5. Ya know Titus, I feel the same was after a trip to the Vet!!
    I think you need LOTS of scritches,hugs and treats to make up for it!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  6. Aww Titus you look kind of sad! I hope they weren't horrible to you at the VET. I bet she'll make it up to you.


  7. We don't blame you for not giving her any frootbats! We do NOT like the Vet. The photo of you snoozing with your Dad is the BEST!

  8. wut happened at da v-e-t?
    ar u ok?
    i think u look verree hansum.
    say deez werdz ... "i am verree hansum ... i am verree hansum..."
    good. dat'z better.

  9. Oh Titus, you pooor thing. What a horrible thing. I think you have every right to be stubborn!
    Your last picture is very scary. I bet your mom screamed :-)

    purrs for a happy easter

  10. Glad we finally got to see a little bit of froot bat ears, but if you can keep that mad face up, maybe your mommy will get you some good treats!

  11. I'd ask for lots of treats before giving them any froot bat ears after that vet visit!

  12. Awwww, Titus! You look furry snuggly with yur Daddy. But I'm sorry you're not feelin frootbatty today. Don't worry, though -- you are always a super good-lookin woofie no mattur what yur ears are doin, hehe!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin lotsa whiskies kisses and makin googly eyes at EG!

  13. I think thats you deserve more than a gimme some froooooot baaaaat after a trips to the v-e-t. If's you were a kitty I'd say put the bitey on her.

    Hoppy Easter!

  14. Ohhhhhhhhh. Titus???? Man, what happened at da V-E-T? You iz one M-A-D D-A-W-G!!!!(No, I don'ts mean da rabid kind...) Dat face man... espeshull in da lastee pic. You iz really givfun it your momee. Are you gonna shedz some light on what happened?
    Come oevfur & I'll lets you haz a bowl of chix-hen liverz. Dat should fix you up.

  15. Titus, you look so cute snoozing with your dad. Sorry you had to go the Vet. But it's what keeps you healthy!

    Happy Easter!

  16. Awww, ((((hugs)))) to you, Titus! I'm sorry you had to go to the vet. But you and your dad look so happy and cozy, snuggling together!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  17. Poor Titus! What happened at the V-E-T?


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