Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Wow - two EGs!

    Good morning sweet Tazo! We tagged you guys for a meme over on our bloggie. It's rainy and yucky up here today, purrhaps you'd like to come over and we could snuggle in the kitty cups?


  2. Whoa--you almost look like a ginger there, EG! Very cool.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  3. Wowww...this is just looking like an art ~!!!!
    Very nice~~ EG!!!

  4. Very cool picture! It's kind of like a double exposure but very neat.

  5. Oh wow - that is one weird looking picture! Was you have a shaky earthquake when your bean took it? We tagged all of you guys for a meme on our bloggie. We see that Bert may have already tagged you for it though.....

  6. I know where your coming from, the Music Man took a photo a couple of weeks ago that looked like I was on fire. An image that still haunts me. At least you still look cute!


  7. Very nice photo. I see you have a few on flickr with "gear", so maybe you'd like a repost on CatSynth? :)

  8. I hope that isn't an alarm clock dude!

  9. Yeah, I also thought the alarm clock was going off really, really, really loudly!

  10. Earfquake!!!
    That, or a REALLY noisy mofie like Transformers. We don't watch that wif the boy.

  11. Are you in the middle of transporting some place?

  12. Oh wowie, Earl!

    You look so handsome on top of that alarm clock! I'd better warn you, though, don't barf in it. My big sister Marilyn used to like to lie on top of Mom and Dad's stereo receiver and one day she barfed in it and almost shorted it out.


    Mom and Dad don't let her lie there anymore, and they don't let me up there, either, because they say I might barf in it, too. Can you believe that -- how unfair!

    Whiskie kisses to you, handsome cutiesweetiepie!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!


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