Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tired McTazo Tuesday

Momma would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. We pretty much kept our promise to not eat anything we're not supposed to. Until I stuck my paw in her raisin bran and flung a bunch all over the kitchen. And then we all went after it. And she freaked out because she didn't know if any raisins got flung all over the kitchen and if we had eaten any. We didn't, but we freaked her out pretty good. I felt a little bad, since she's old now. hee hee

In other news, check out what Maggy and Zoey and their Mom sent us. Sweet! Thank you, Zoolatry!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Happy belated birthday to your Momma, sorry I missed it, but I was rather busy with a major production so to speak! ;)

  2. We hope your mom had a very happy birthday! We can see how the thought of any of you eating raisins might have freaked her out!

  3. The cereal-flinging trick sounds like lots of fun!

  4. Raisins? Is that like Temptations?

  5. oh happy late purrfday to your mom!

    raisins are gross. i would fling them all over the house! hee hee - Miles

  6. Hmmm, cereal flinging, we will have to try that, it sounds like fun!

  7. Flinging cereal sounds like a lot of fun.

    What a gorgeous picture Zoolatry made for you!

  8. Oh Tazo, you just couldn't help yourself! Flinging cereal is such fun (unless it's oatmeal - I made that mistake once)!


  9. Tazo, you do look tired indeed! It is hard work wreaking havoc on your Mum's cereal, I can understand why you need a rest.

  10. Raisins are not good for kitties!

  11. HEE, Tazo! Playing in cereal does sound like lots of fun!

    I hope your Mom had a great birthday. I'm so sorry that we Ballicai missed it -- our Mom has been so busy and I think we Ballicai are going to have to gang up on her or something!

    Give my love and whiskie kisses to sweet, handsome Earl!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  12. Oh... I feel very sorry I missed your mommie's birthday yesterday... I feel bad about that... and the cake looked so yummy too. I love stuffed cakes.

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I hope she lives to 101 in perfect health and happiness!

    Whacking cereal around sounds super fun! I hope you made a goal and this sort of thing is good for your moms heart... and she has to bend over and check for raisins on the floor and check mouths...

    Tazo, I like your furs and stripy tail

  13. Raisins look likes mousie turds. They MUST be funs to play with!!

  14. Hi Tazo and Earl grey,
    I am a gray kitty toos. I am new on the internets, I got your site from top 100 cat sites. I also like to eats stuff I am not supposeds to. Last weekend I eated a cookie. I wasn't supposed to do that. Also last week my brother Figaro drinked some chocolate milk and had projectile vomiting episodes three times on nice white carpet. Was funny to watch the Mamaw try to clean it up before the Papaw seed!!!
    I hoep you visit my bloggy, we are trying to make some online kitty friendses.


  15. Freaking out will help keep your momma young! Flinging raisin bran sounds like a lot of fun, but I'd prefer to eat my raisin bran!

  16. You guys are bad! Just terrible. hee hee
    Did we wish your mom a happy birthday? If not, please accept our belated birthday wishes.

    Roxy & Lucky


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