Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thoughts on Thursday

Momma says she is tapped out this week. She helped me do a T13, but it was super boring, so she said that I could post some random thoughts I've had this week.

  • I am now obsessed with q*tips. Like Daisy, I like it when they get all long and stringy and stretched out and damp with spit. hee hee I also like it when Momma tickles Daddy's nose with the wet end and grosses him out. hee hee Q*tips are just about the funnest thing ever.
  • Black tuxie kitties (like Bert) might be nicer than gray grey tuxie kitties. *cough*EG*cough*
  • German chocolate cake is awesome!! A plate of it fell out of the refrigerator last night. I stole a piece. And eated it while Momma was busy cleaning up the rest of the cake. And Momma didn't even know I stole it until Titus was licking up the crumbs. That I left in the laundry room. By mistake.
  • Mommas tend to freak out when they don't know exactly how much cake a kitty eats. Daddys have to remind them that there's probably not enough chocolate in a boxed cake mix to do much of anything. Except maybe upset my tummy. Which it didn't.
  • There has not been a lot of laundry done this week. So my nice, warm nappy spot on top of the dryer has not been all that nice and warm. :/ Maybe Momma will do laundry tonight. She did say something about having to wear desperation undies today. I guess those are the pairs you wear when all the good ones are dirty. Since I don't wear undies, I don't know. I'm just hoping that she turns on the dryer tonight.


  1. those are some great thoughts. i will haf to try chocolate cake!


  2. Qtips are fun to play with!

    You are lucky you have a dryer. Our humans hang everything to dry. We rent here in Germany, and there is no place to hook up a dryer, and we aren't allowed to cut into the wall to provide a vent for the dryer, so everything gets hung to dry. No nice warm spots for us kitties on the dryer. :(

  3. Sometimes it is too hard to think of 13 whole things! That joke your mom does to your dad with the spitty q-tips sounds very hilarious. I think my Mommie will try it soon.

  4. "Deseration Underwear" made Mom snort coffee out of her nose. Do it again!

  5. Tazo, I am all about stealing chocolate, too! (Even though I know I'm not supposed to have it.)

    My mommy giggled over the "desperation underwear." I think she must have some of those, too.

  6. Dearest Tazo,

    George loves to steal chocolate too and it scares mommy to death!

    Yes, please do come over - Mommy just filled my boogie mat yesterday! And I'm very excited to try the qtips!

    Purrs and Head Bumps,

  7. HaHaHa! My Mommy calls them tier 2 underpants!

  8. OH we have to tell you what our woofies did this past weekend! Mommy made cupcakes and split them between two plates to wait on Easter so they could share them with friends. She left for the store and forgot the cupcakes were in puppy reach. Yep! They totally devoured half of them! The cake, icing, paper wrappers, all of. Not even a trace of icing was found. She was not pleased at all but at all but it was kinda funny!!

  9. Mom can't quit giggling at "desperation undies!" I hope she turns the dryer on for you tonight, too, Tazo! And I am glad you didn't get a stomachache from the cake. I hear you on Moms freaking out! If I grab something that's been on the floor and eat it, I hear, "DORYDOO! What are you eating????" *HEE!*

    Give my sweet handsome Earl whiskie kisses from me and I'm making great big googly eyes at him!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  10. You are very thoughtful Tazo.
    Girls are that way.
    My mom has desperation undies too.

  11. I had read that q tips are fun, but moms never leaves any arounds for me to try.

  12. I like qtips, too. I really like popsicle sticks though. They are way fun.

  13. Eventually you'll be able to hear q-tips, wherever they are!

  14. Chocolate might be dangerous to your health, but I guess you have fun!

  15. Ooh I must look at q*tips again... The bathroom is full of interesting toys! :)

  16. T-13's can be difficult somretimes. So, we liked the random thoughts. Good job!


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