Monday, November 17, 2008

Mancat Monday

So the other night (after The Mom had already gone to bed), Dad let Titus out to do his stuff. When he let him back in, I ran out. Oh yeah. Sweet freedom. So Dad went out and tried to find me. But grey cat + dark and rainy night = WAHOO for me! I commenced to taking a tour of the back yard, which I had never done before. (It was pretty cool except for all the dawg dookies out there in the yard. It's totally gross! Somebody should definitely get out there with a shovel.) Dad couldn't find me so he woke up The Mom to help him look for me. The thing about that is that you do not wake up The Mom. Ever. It ain't pretty. Especially when she gets woken up because of something that will freak her out - like me being outside. So The Mom got up and ran outside. She saw a flash of white feets running across the back fence so she headed out that way. She was calling me and calling me. I called back to her and then started running toward her. She picked me up and took me back in the house and yelled at Dad gave me lots of hugs and :shudders: kissies. It was horrible. I let her believe that I was askeered and that's why I ran up to her and let her pick me up and did not clawr her when she was carrying me back to the house. And I even cuddled with her all night and let her give me lots and lots of scritches.

Which leads me to today's Mancat Rule of the Day: Every once in a while, it is very manly to pretend to be lost and askeered in the back yard so that your The Mom thinks you really need her.


  1. Yeah, um, pretend to be scared! That's the ticket!
    Thank goodness you decided to pretend and came back in!

  2. Wow! That was quite the adventure!!!

    You must be a very good actor. Well done!!

    Purrs Goldie

  3. hello earl grey its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a gud trik i wil hav to remember it!!! ok bye

  4. We are not allowed in the back yard because SOMEBODY (Trixie) jumped over the fence last time and Mom had to ask the neighbors if she could get her. At least we have a deck to go on!

  5. EG, you so totally rock! That was cool! But not the waking up of The Mom part, THAT was skeery! My mom is like that, too, ESPECIALLY when it's a freakout thing, just like yours! And yep, I know allllll about the puppy bomb issue..we got'em in spades. Get it? SPADES!!


  6. Yeah, EG, we're gonna believe your little story that you were pretending to be askeered....uh huh...yeah, right....

  7. An impressive mancat adventure there EG, I am very impressed.

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. Oh Earl Grey, that might have been just a little bit Wrong of you! Better not do that again.

  9. That's a great rule EG, as long as we remember the part about coming in! Has your The Mom's pulse returned to normal? We sure are glad that you are ok!

    Oh and please count us in on the holiday cards (incase you hadn't already ;-)

    Hiya Tazo!
    It's icky and snowy here today and due to get much worse! But there are tons of birdies on the feeders to watch (they must know something is coming!) if you'd like to come and watch some BirdTV with me.

  10. Oh, Earl! I am glad that you are okay, and Mom sends hugs to your Mom -- our Mom would freak, too.

    I think that Mao has the same idea as you. He's quite a door darter, but he hasn't made it outside. Mom's too quick for him. But I'm quicker than MaoMao and if I were a door darter, Mom would have her hands full!

    I'm sending you lots and lots of whiskie kisses, my manly cutiepie!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydool.

  11. You know EG, you could just blame the whole thing on Titus.

  12. Oh no, EG! I am glad you were only playing a trick and not really lost outside. Be careful, ok?!
    Love Clover xo

  13. Impressive. Glad your dad is okay.


  14. Oh that was good work!! You don't ever wake the Woman either or she gets MAD. I'm glad you didn't run too far away and you came up to her.


  15. That is a very good rule and quite clever of you to think of it!

  16. Let's hear it fur Titus!

    It was his 'fault' anyway!

    We khanines have to put woo khats in your place from time to time!


  17. ugh, that kissing... I feel your pain.
    You lucky boy. I remember fondly my days of zipping out the door and freaking mom out. yeah, they go ballistic if they have to get out of bed anyway, much less for a kitty on the lam

    I am glad you made it back in.
    I hope your mom did not have to step on too many bombs


  18. Good rule! Our the mom gets worried if she cant find us in da house! DUH we know where we are at!!

  19. Very good thinking. But don't run out again. Next time you might get lost.


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