Monday, December 15, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day: It is very important to thank your Dad for making sure to take pictures of you even if it's with a crappy camera phone because you never know when your The Mom is going to totally suck not bother to take any pictures of your handsome greyness.


  1. Wow! EG, you are looking extra handsome today, even with a camera phone!

  2. That is a good rule EG - especially when the picture is so good!

    We've got something special for you guys over at our bloggie!

    Purrs and headbumpies to my sweet Mitten Kitten!

  3. Any picture that shows off your Mancatliness is a good picture!

    George & Max

  4. EG, we should trade Moms for a while, or at least alternate. Our Mom takes over 100 photos Every.Single.Day. AND she's shopping for a new camera. We never get a moments peace.

    Your handsome grayness is incredible today, in a George Clooney wishes he looked that good sort of way.

  5. EG you look the very picture of handsome grayness.

    *sigh* our Mom is always sticking the camera in our faces. We can send her and her camera to your house for a while if you like (at least until dinner time).

  6. EG - you do look very handsome in that picture! I am glad your dad thought to take a picture. Moms can be a pain sometimes, no?
    Love Clover xo

  7. Earl Grey, that is a wonderful photo of you! Harley only sits still long enough for my Mommie to take about 4 photos at a time of him.

  8. EG, you are indeed looking super handsome today. It is indeed tedious when your humans don't take pictures of you, but it's also tedious having to pose!

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Oh EG,
    I do think you are super handsome today!!!
    Maybe it's because as a man know how to photo a mancat, because only men does know how to show their handsome.

    I think I better ask Arion photos me more~~~~

  10. Hello Earl Greyness. You do NOT need an evil twin, you are too nice and such a good boy. right??

    <3 Prinnie

  11. EG-they just can't help it, you know. They've got fewer braincells than we do and they're not nearly half as evolved as we are...ya just gotta give'em a break! But you're lookin' good!

  12. Oh, Earl! That is a fabulously handsome picture of you, *grin*!

    Love and cuddles, and lots of whiskie kisses, too!


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