Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 62

Thumbs seem to come in handy. Here are thirteen things that we could do if we had them:

1. Open the windows so that we could smell the good smelling air any time we want
2. Open the snack cupboard and help ourselves to some temptations
3. Drive to the store to buy snacks
4. Open cans of stinky goodness
5. Type so we could update our own bloggie *and* visit all of our friends whenever we want
6. Bake tasty treats
7. Order stuff on the internets with Mama's plastic green paper card
8. Play Nintendawgs
9. Open the door and go outside
10. Open cans of stinky goodness
11. Open the 'nip cabinet and have a 'nip-a-pa-looza
12. Go trick or treating
13. Whatever we wanted (that's what Daddy said we'd do when Mama asked him what he thought we'd do with thumbs) - hee hee


  1. Hey! I think I want some thumbs, too!

  2. Thumbs would be pretty awesome!

  3. Thumbs are beginning to sound pretty handy!

  4. And don't forget about opening cans of stinky goodness, too!

  5. Our human says #2, 3, 4 and 7 are very good reasons why you (and we) do NOT have thumbs!
    Wall Street would crash again, and again, and again...

  6. Oh, thumbs - that would be nice. Then I could finally play Wii with Mommy! - Pearl

    p.s. Bert wants me to say "purrs and nosekisses to his sweet and toasty little tea cup" - ugh!

  7. :::dreams of opening cans of stinky goodness::: :)

  8. Yeah, it is good that we have our slaves to do this stuff for us the instant we demand it!

    Happy Thursday

  9. we add #14 flick the icky kitty kibble they sumtimes try to give us!

  10. Holly has thumbs! I wonder if she could do all that stuff . . . hmmmmm.

  11. I got thumbs...but I don't know quite how to use them yet!


  12. deer frendz ...
    u don't need thumbz fer votin ... in fact cood u take a moment an vote fer halloween squillion uv 2008?
    click heer
    pleez an thank u.

  13. There seems to be a theme - open, open, OPEN!

  14. Yup, it would be a bad thing if you all had thumbs



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