Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 64

Here are thirteen things that we hope Santa Claws didn't see this week:

1. The way we tag teamed the pizza box and scored a piece of pizza.
2. The way EG jumped (ninja-style) on The Mom's back when she had a really bad hurty stiff neck and askeered the crappity crap crap out of her.
3. The way Tazo jumped out of the box in the hallway in the dark when The Mom was walking down the hall.
4. EG running outside in the pouring rain.
5. EG biting somedawg's delicious, pink ears.
6. Somekitty chewing on The Mom's new phone charger cord.
7. EG eating a plastic bag.
8. Titus grabbing dirty socks from the laundry and dropping them all over the house.
9. EG giving Dad and The Mom the bitey when he earthworms under the covers at night.
10. Waking The Mom up at 2:30 am for breakfast.
11. Learning how to open the toy drawer and playing with the must-have-supervision toys WITHOUT SUPERVISION.
12. Flinging Swheat Scoop all over the litterbox room.
13. Helping The Mom decorate for Christmas by dragging her baby Christmas tree into the kitchen and chewing on the cord.

Does anybody really think that these are super bad things? Do you think Santa Claws noticed? Do we have to be good for another two whole weeks?


  1. Uh Oh! Careful! It's getting to be crunch time with Santa. I have him looking at me all day!
    EG! Stay away from those bags dude!

  2. um, no, they're bad things? huh. oops. maybe we better re-think our fun for a while too.

  3. Haha - no! I don't think that any of those things are really that "bad." Santa will be able to overlook a couple of little things, don't worry!
    Love Clover xo

  4. I think that there's a way explain each of those - and helping to decorate, well that's just the holiday spirit right there!

    Santa Claws is a furry smart guy, he knows you haven't been naughty!

    Purrs to you my little Tea Cup!

  5. Hahahhaha! Oh such very good cat and dog things! I think the Anti-Santa would leave you some extra presents for such cheeky comedic activities, very well done you lot!

    Whicked Wuudler

  6. When I am a kitten, my KittyMommy tells me that Santa CLAWS is quite different from my People's Santa CLAUS.

    Santa Claws actually REWARDS kitty behavior like yours. (It's the People who sometimes have problems with it.)

    So keep on doing what kitties do!

    Paws 'n Claws,

  7. I think you were only a little bit naughty. As long as you are good the day before Christmas, you should be okay.

  8. hehe! That's a great listie! I hope Santy Claws didn't see me dumptsur divin into Momma's trash can and knockin alla the stuff out onto the floor, and I hope he didn't see me gettin into Daddy's bookshelves and knockin out alla his books, and I hope he didn't see me gettin up on Momma's little desk and knockin off her vitamins and stuffies.. oh, it's so hard to be good!!!!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMaoMaoMao!

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin lots and lots of whiskie kisses to EG!

  9. Uh oh! We think you guys are in trouble! And you still got 2 weeks to go!

  10. We think that you are doing what comes naturally. On, the other paw, if you make your mom and dad upset, they may do something that Santa might not like, so be careful!

    Moe and Carmela

  11. None of these are bad at all. I think you're in the clear!


  12. Oh yeah, you better hope that Santa was busy elsewhere. It makes my chomping on not one but TWO loaves of fresh english muffin bread look tame by comparison.


  13. hello furry kids its dennis the vizsla dog hay all i can say is i think my odds of not getting kole for krismas hav just improovd!!! ok bye

  14. Uh oh. Except for number 12, because we do that too. So that's gotta be OK.

  15. Being good is very heard, especially so many days in a row. We think Santa will cut you some slack. We think he knows we're cats and must behave cat-like. Right?

  16. Well I must say, that's quite an impressive "naughty" list, and all in only one week. You can only hope Santa didn't see anything. Maybe he was peeking in someone else's window while all that stuff was happening!



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