Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 11

Daisy posted about a potentially embarrassing incident that happened to her recently. Titus started thinking about all the stuff that's been broken around the house in the last 20 months or so and thought it would be good for a Thursday Thirteen post.

Hey, Earl Grey! Didn't we come to live here about 20 months ago?

Anyway, we decided to do our TT this week on the stuff we've broken. It's pretty much about me and EG because Titus is a goody two shoes and never breaks stuff. He's just an "indiscriminant eater" :giggles:. That's what it says on his chart at the V-E-T. :giggles:

So, without further ado, we present to you our Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Things Around The House That Have Been Broken

1. First up, we have Titus' special Happy Birthday Piggy that Daddy bought for him. I pulled the ears off and then Titus went to town on the guts. Momma saved the ears for me because they are my favorite thing in the world (aside from jingle balls, of course).

2. Earl Grey broke Momma's collage picture frame. The one with all the pictures of us in it. She didn't get out the flashy box for that, though. She was too worried that we'd walk in the glass.

3. This is the laundry hamper. Or what's left of it. Wicker is pretty tasty. Who knew?

4. I broke one of our water dishes last week (see #11 of last week's TT). I was just trying to chase my jingle ball under the tray thing and I just happen to be a little floofier around the middle and the tray tipped over and, well, I don't want to talk about that any more.

5. I chewed through the cable and the power cord on the cable box.* We had to get a new cable box. We really need to get a new cable, too, because sometimes we don't get good reception on TV or um, internet service. That cuts into our blogging time.

6. This is the new flooring for the office. See the open box on the top of the pile? We opened that box all by ourselves. It was great! If you look closely at the smaller boxes underneath, you can see that they're kind of scratched up. A little. I use those to stretch out my back after a long day of napping. You know, dig in with your claws and then sort of hang there while you stretch out your back, and then draaaaaagggg your claws down the side of it. It's very relaxing. :whispers: I also use it as a scratching post. Pretty much every day when Momma gets home from work. And before meals.

7. This is the mousie that Momma and Daddy used to use. Notice how the pluggie thing that plugs into the back of the computer is missing? EG chomped the cord right in half while Momma was using the computer. It was fun listening to all the words that she said.

8. We broke Momma's very special Nightmare Before Christmas figurine when we were kicking her beloved Steve Yzerman bobble head off the mantle. It was very expensive and Daddy got it for her for her birthday last year. She was very sad that Jack Skellington took a tumble and his head fell off. We think it's pretty lucky that Jack Skellington sacrificed himself so that Yzerman could live. :shrugging:

9. This is the shade in Momma and Daddy's bedroom. We ripped it. It's just easier to look out the window now.

10. This is the cord from the DVD player.* Or maybe it was Daddy's PS2? (I chomped them both. It's hard to keep track of these things, you know.) Notice how one of the yellow plug things is missing? Yep, I chomped it right off. Whee!

11. We're very embarrassed about this one. Plus, it makes Momma very sad. Momma And Daddy had a dawg that went to the Bridge last year. We were investigating the ashes (which were on top of the dresser in the bedroom) and they accidently flew off the dresser and onto the floor and the box flipped open and the plastic bag came out and we love to chew plastic and well, we accidently scattered some of Shadow's ashes all over the bedroom floor. This did not make Momma all that happy. Needless to say, Shadow's ashes are now kept *in* the dresser and not *on* the dresser.

12. This is the floor tile that cracked the other day when we were flinging stuff out of the freezer. We were hoping that Daddy wouldn't notice because that sort of thing upsets him. Momma tried to help us by putting down a rug, but Daddy figured out something was wrong since he knows that Momma hates rugs. He didn't get too mad though. I guess we caught him in a good mood because he even laughed.

13. Lastly, Titus broke a nail. He doesn't remember how he did it, but it broke and his foot was hurty and bleedy and he was mad because Momma had to trim his nail and he hates that.

As you can probably tell, we like to keep busy. Every time something turns up broken, Daddy says, "My cats (meaning the ones from when he was little) never did anything like that." Momma, who never had kitties before, doesn't know what to think. Whenever she tells anyone about stuff we do, they just laugh and tell her that they've never heard of kitties doing that kind of stuff. Well, they never met us. Hahahahaha!

Ok, that was pretty embarrassing. I'm outta here.

*Just so nobody worries about me or anything, I'm over my cord-chewing phase. That just happened while I was teething. And until Momma put habenero pepper sauce on all the cords.


  1. *Claps paws together* We love it, sooooo many ideas, where do we start?

    Purrs & Love,

    Fiona & Ali

  2. You rock!!! We loved your Thursday Thirteens... Keep the good work going so you can do another Thursday on that theme!

  3. Oh, I don't feel so bad now about my little accident with the vase this week. My Mommie switched to a wireless mouse - no cords!

    Those are some funny things you done! I like the window shade and the pink piggie one best. I wrecked a pleated shade once. We have to have wooden blinds now instead. But I still climb in between the slats when I want to see outside and almost break those too. I also tipped over a giant speaker and the bananer plugs broke off.

    You can "kind of" fix your broken tile, depending on how big the chip is. Take wood filler in several colors like white, tan and medium brown. Mix them together until they are the same color as your floor tile and kind of a swirly texture. Pat it into the hole and smooth. Let it harden. If it's not in a high traffic area, it will last several months and still look good.

  4. This is a truly excellent list. I bow to your superior distruction skills and am, needless to say, quite jealour. I have left this out for my humans to read so that they will appreciate that I am extraoridnarily well-behaved in comparison to you guys. I hope they appreciate it.

  5. Wow, I think (if it is possible) you guys are responsible for more damage than us! Impressive! Good work! I'm glad you're done cord chewing...that doesn't sound good.


  6. WE like the piggy remains and the window shade the best.
    Good work!

  7. You guys are too funny. Mom is still laughing. Great TT. Thanks for telling us at the TGH.
    Samantha & Tigger

  8. You guys have broken a lot of things!

    My mom admires your mom's taste in hockey players. Steve Yzerman is from the town she grew up in (Nepean, Ontario, Canada), and their local hockey arena has been re-named the Steve Yzerman Arena in his honour. :)

  9. Oh wowie, I am in awe! Can I take lessonz from y'all? You have so many kool ideaz for stuffies to do around the house!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  10. Oh oh oh Miss M LOVED to chew cords too!! She killed THREE trak-ball mousies, a laptop computer cord, more fone lines than Mommy can count, cell fone chargerz, chrismouse tree lights,lossa stuff, Mommy still calls her a "goat" and yells at her anytime she gets near a cord!

  11. WOW! You can get into the freezer? And you fling things?! WOW again! You are two very,um, talented kitties! I am in awe of your talents! My Mommy loves the Nightmare Before Christmas! She bought the VHS the day it came out. She even has my 5 year old kidbean hooked on it!

  12. I am very glad that you are through with your cord chewing phase and very glad that you didn't swallow any of the plugs you chewed off. I think it was very tricky of you to break a tile while throwing things out of the freezer. How did you get the freezer open in the first place?

  13. I have nefurrrr heard so much funny stuff b4. You really go all out when you get into stuff around the house! You musta have good teeth to chomp like that. I am old and mine r cats get dentures?
    Luf Miss Peach on a goofy day

  14. We are VERY impressed! We don't mean to spoil your fun, but if your mom wants to keep knicknacks on shelves, you could e-mail us your address and we'll send you some earthquake putty. People out here in California use it under breakables so they won't fall off shelves if there's an earthquake, but we use it to keep me from having a good time. It works too. There's this sailboat picture frame that I've been trying to send flying to the floor and I just can't get the thing to budge. The Lady does leave a few "unbreakables" without earthquake putty just for me to shove. Isn't that nice?

  15. WOW! you is badder than us! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee good job guys!

  16. Are yoo shur that Tripper the Psyko stray cat didn't run thru yer howse? He's a reguler tornado of deestrukshun!

  17. Wow, you guys are so much better at destructin than we are! We gotta learn more about it.

  18. sounds like you're busy at your house! i really like it when mama laughs instead of getting mad.


    thanks for purring for me. i feel a little better each day.

  19. That's awesome!!! We used to chew through speaker wires like crazy, but finally grew out of that phase. Maw would never even try to hang a shade here. And all of our window treatments and blinds only come 2/3 down now so that we don't try to climb through them or eat them or claw them, etc. Bow destroyed the aluminum mini-blinds many years ago.

    We still love your freezer incident from the other day. How did you guys do that?????

    Luf, Us


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