Monday, June 4, 2007

Mom's Kind of Mad and Tell Momma Monday

This is just a taste of what we did over the weekend (no pun intended - heh heh). For some reason, I felt the need to check out the pocket of Mom's jammy bottoms. She wasn't pleased. She was also not pleased when we discovered a brand new cabinet to hide in. She was really not pleased because it's full of food. Heh heh. Oh, and the cabinet doors make a really loud and really cool noise when we play with them at 2 am. We also managed to open the freezer door and yank out some stuff (cracking one of the tiles on the kitchen floor - again, not real pleased). Unfortunately, we forgot to close the freezer door, so most of the stuff in the freezer melted. She was really not pleased. So now our kitchen is locked up like Fort Knox. Stupid baby locks. We're not babies. We're almost two. It sucks.

Titus' 'tocks test (heh heh) came out negative, though Mom and the V-E-T have no idea how that could be since they're so stinky. Heh heh. He still has to take his medicine for a few more days and see if things get better. We're crossing our paws that it works because his 'tocks reek and I'm not sure how much longer we can stand the stank.

Tazo here: Um, Earl Grey? You've been making fun of T's 'tocks for the last few days and writing about it on the internet, but you've neglected one 'tocks story. Namely, how you were fritzing around the house on Saturday night like you were on fire and as you zipped past Momma she noticed that you had, um, something hanging from YOUR 'tocks. And how her and Daddy had to corner you so he could hold you while she pulled the well, you know, from your 'tock fur. Um, yeah. I think you should quit picking on T.

PS - Mom's got a Tell Momma Monday question, too. For those of you who eat stinky goodness, how much do you get at one time? A little can? A big can?

EG and I split a 3 oz can every day for our afternoon snack(we get kibble for breakfast and then again for a bednight snack). Momma was going to feed us a whole 3 oz can EACH (and reduce the amount of kibble we get), but it looked like a lot of food and she didn't want us to yak from eating too much. So, what happens at your house?


  1. Sigh, food. Sigh. We had to go on a diet last winter. We are given a 1/2 of a 3 oz. can of Fancy Feast each every morning. Then we get 1/2 cup of dry kibble each every day. There are the occasional treats (temptations, feline greenies, bits of human food like burger or HAM!!!!), but not a lot. We are doing well on that diet and have dropped some lard (Ha!) We yak sometimes if we eat the food too quickly, so Mommy and Daddy try to make food time less intensive - like giving us all plenty of space for our own dishes and not making us feel like we have to compete for food. Hope that helps!

  2. Since I have a fast metabolism, being a Sphynx and all, I get a 70g can in the morning, a 70g can at supper time, and free feed crunchies throughout the day.

    Around here, the kitchen doors are always closed except when my humans are in there cooking, so I can't get into the kitchen.

  3. Oooh....we'd be in HUGE trouble if we did all of that. I'm glad she's not too mad.

    Oh, sometimes those fecal tests don't always find the nasty critters so you have to test again. That happened to me. My poo was really really stinky when I moved in and I had giardia but it doesn't always show up in the samples. Good luck to T!

    I get a teaspoon of stinky goodness in the morning for my medicine and we get crunchies all day long.


  4. Wowie! Opening the freezer sounds like a very funny practical joke. Too bad you got locked out now.

    I have to eat prescription food, on account of my bladder stones (Hill's X/D). I get 1/3 of a 5.5 ounce can every day, and free choice of crunchies. But I do not eat very much.

  5. he he he you guys sounds as naughty as me and mao! Excellent work all round!!! Freezers are for fun, not food (as my human found out when she got back from holiday a while ago)

    Re the food: I only have steak and lamb. Real meat! Mao however gets stinky goodness because the human is trying to beef him up a little. So he gets like two sachets or tins a day. Pig!

  6. They diagnosed the giardia through a fecal sample but as I was like the 2nd time they tested for it because those little germs aren't always in the section of fecal they test. I took these HORRIFIC tasting pills for about a week and POOF! Yucky runny poo gone. I was leaking all over the floor...not pretty. I'm thinking metronidazole was the medicine.


  7. Oh, cool beaniez, we're talkin' about dingleberries! I prob'ly shoulnd't tell this about Marilyn since she'z so dignurfied and all, but (*whisperin'*:) one day she had a dingleberry hangin' from her butt and she was runnnin' all over the house tryin' to get away from it, and I was chasin' after her, too, tryin' to catch her dingleberry and play wif it. Whatta cool toy! I had a blast, but it didun't make Marilyn furry happy fur some reazon, hehehe. She was really glad when Momma got the dingleberry off her.

    You guys sound like you know lotsa cool tricks, like me! Isn't opening cabinets FUN?

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. Sorry you two got in trouble for just having some fun. sheeesh. It gets really boring when they sleep. we have to do something constructive.

    Prinnie and I eat small meals through out the day. maybe about two table spoons of food each four times a day

  9. Kaze is krekt. It's metronidazole, or flagyl is the common name. Cats HATE the taste. Assume woofers would too?

    Here, efurryone eats a difernt stinky goodness, but we each only get about 2 T. each morning. If we gobble somebody else's, then we yak. Yup. No poodin would get any stinky goodness at all if we didn't get owr meds in it. Yup.

    Man, you guys sure get into a lot of stuff don't you? That's awesome about the freezer. Titus must've helped with that one???

    Luf, Us

  10. many 'tocks stories....the most exciting thing we ever have with 'tocks is just sniffing each others' 'tocks constantly.....

    Mommy says that for us 3 kitties, she feeds us a max of two 5.5 oz cans wellness turkey and salmon and up to 1 cup of orijens dry food. Right now, we aren't eating as much coz it's just so hot here!!!

  11. Yeah, my mom put those baby locks on the kitchen cabinets and on the bathroom vanity. I did manage to open that one once, and Caroline somehow got trapped like a rat when she went in and somehow the door closed. And somehow I couldn't get it open again. I'm not sure what happened.

  12. hehe You guys have lots of fun! I don't get into much trouble as I'm the new gal here in the house. Ooooooooo but give me time! So far I drive mommy crazy by yackin up all the time, just when she thinks she's got my food thing down pat.

  13. ha ha ha ha Bendrix would love this kinda fun. ha ha ha
    I get a quarter can (of a large can) daily and a 1/2 cup of crunchies.


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