Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 12

(This is the very first picture that my Mom and Dad have of me - the lady I lived with at the time took it. I'm about 10 months old here.)

Thirteen Things About My First Five Days at My Forever Home

1. These people came to meet me on February 10, 2001. They were nice enough. Until they put a leash on me and put me in their car. I was askeered. The lady kept talking to me in a really nice voice and making sure I was comfortable and everything. I finally curled up on the backseat and went to sleep. (Day 1)

2. I got really scared and wouldn't come in the house. The lady hooked my leash in the house and left the back door open so I could go in the house if I chose to. While she ran to answer the phone, I slipped my collar and slipped through the fence and ran away. And didn't come back. (Day 1)

3. I ran and ran and ran away from the lady and dude who would become my Mom and Dad. Everytime they got within two feet of me, I took off. They followed me in the car for a while and at one point I was running over 20 mph. Even across a very busy street (twice) - which made the lady real askeered. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I REPEAT - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. IT IS VERY DANGEROUS!!! (Day 1)

4. I stayed out all night. The lady and the dude took turns staying up all night just in case I came back into the yard. (Day 1-2)

5. I continued to run and run and run all morning. The lady had a bunch of neighborhood kids helping her spot me, so she was never far away from me. (Day 2)

6. The lady called the lady that I used to live with and she came over and followed me for a couple of hours. Finally, I recognized her voice and jumped in her car. She drove me back to the new lady and the dude's house and hugged me goodbye and hugged the new lady because the dude told her how the lady had been up all night crying and worrying about me. She said she knew I was going to a good home if the lady was that upset. (Day 2)

7. I ate supper and took a nap while the lady and the dude finished blocking off all the spaces in the fence where I could get out. (Day 2)

8. I got a bath and got my paws cleaned up. They were pretty cut up from my night on the town. I was not sure that I was going to like these people. (Day 2)

9. I slept all day. Lots of kisses and ear scratches and treats from the people. I got a brand new collar and ID tag and bed. (Day 3)

10. I got to sniff Shadow (my new sister) and Jazzy (my grandma's dog) through a crack in the door. More ear scratches and treats. (Day 3)

11. I pooped in the basement. And the lady didn't yell or anything. I was pretty embarrassed, but she said it was ok because 1) I picked the basement, and 2) we didn't really have a schedule for me yet. Plus, I was eating new food and sometimes that upsets your tummy at first. (Day 3)

12. I had to go to the V-E-T. They poked me with needles and stuck a thermometer somewhere it didn't belong and gave me some shots. The lady made an appointment for my hooha-ectomy. It sucked. I sniffed Shadow and Jazzy through the door some more. (Day 4)

13. After the V-E-T called the lady and told her that I didn't have any weird diseases, I got to hang out with Shadow and Jazzy for a little while. It went really good. I acted a lot braver when I was with the other dogs. The lady was very happy. I decided that these people were ok, and I've been with them ever since. They're pretty cool. (Day 5)


  1. Wowie dude. That was some first day you had. You're lucky they already luffed you and didn't send you back to the other lady!!!

    Luf, Us

  2. OMG ! what a terrible story ! But fortunately it ended up well !
    We have a new family member 6 weeks old kitten Rosie, if you want to visit her it's on my "cats & funny stories" blog.

  3. Oh Titus, I can't believe you ran away like that! I'm glad you weren't hurt!

  4. Titus you are a brave doggie. I am glad to hear you are happy where you are now!

  5. Titus

    That wuz some You runned and runned and runned and den yu runned some more. Yu is so lucky that yur lady wuz so determined to find yu. It all werked itself out and now yu is so happy and so are they. It am purrfect.


  6. Titus, I know you did not know better, but it was very wrong of you to run away on your very first day. And keep running and running! You must have been very scairt. But I'll bet your new mom and dad were frantic with worry about you. I sure am glad you got back safely that second day!

  7. Wow, what an adventure!! I'm sure glad you came inside after all of that. You sound like a really fun woofie but I don't know much about woofies.

    (P.S. Seriously, they can't invent a new way to take our temperature?)

  8. You had a very scary first couple of days. I'm very glad you finally decided you liked your new home.

  9. Awwww, I'm so sorry you had a skeery first coupla days! You have a wonnerful momma and daddy to get you back and help you settle in so good.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  10. Boy that was a 1st day that you'd never furget, I bet!!! I wish I could get that kind of freedom, run and run and run again....

    But I love my mommy and daddy too much to go far.

    And I can see you love your mommy and daddy too. *headbonks*

  11. That was an amazing story! I'm so glad you weren't hurt that first day!

  12. Omigoodness! I'm so glad you weren't hurt while you were doing all that running! And that it all worked out with a happy ending.

  13. Ya must of been 'zausted after yur firs' 5 days. Didja sleep fur a week after that?

  14. I bet yoo thawt yoo cood find yoor first lady. Still, running away is bad. Speshully on a bizzy street. Glad yoo made it back home, yoo obbeeusly haf a mom and dad who love yoo furry much.

  15. titus ... ar u sayin yer mantra?
    luv--yer c-a-t frend--jh

  16. Titus, yer okay fer a dawg... and I never new dawgs got hoohaectomys too!

  17. My best furrrend, Bailey (Miss Bebe) likes to rrrun fast like that too! Did you learrrn yourrr lesson? Neverrr rrrun too farrr frrrom beans who love you and feed you. My bean lets Bebe rrrun until she is tirrred--then she shouts out, "NO!" and just like that Miss Bebe turrrns arrround and rrruns rrright back to herrr. therre arre no carrrs wherre she does this. It is funny to watch. I rrrun afterr Miss Bebe too--maybe sometime my bean will catch a video of us--But we'rrre fast!

  18. P.S. I forgot to tell you that
    the movie, The Ghost and the Darkness was one of my favorrrite movies. Rrrecently the National Geographic orrr was it the Discoverrry chanel did a special edition about the rrreal lions of Savo orr is it Sabo? Therrre arrre still rrreallly furrrocious man eating lions therre now!

  19. Wow, yoo ran away frum home, pooped in the howse and then decided to give yer peepul a chance. What a grate day-by-day write-up! Cul pictur too...a little scary cause yer biggur than us at 10 months, but still supur cute!

  20. T! I can't believe you tried to jump ship! And out all night too? You are one daring lad!

  21. Oh, every time we read of a new pet running away from their new home, we get upset. It has to be so scary! It scares us just reading about it.


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