Monday, June 18, 2007

Movin' Slow and Mad at Momma Monday

Check out this guy! He was strolling across our front yard last night. He was the hugest turtle Momma had ever seen outside of a zoo. We think his name is George. We wanted to keep him so we could play with him, but Momma said we couldn't because she didn't know if turtles could still play if their tails fell off. She also didn't think he'd like to play WWE Cage Match or Thundering Herd of Elephants. We thought that at the very least we should have asked him. It's only polite.
Daddy really liked his feets, but we think he might need a manicure like Skeezix.

In other news, Daddy grilled steak last night for dinner. Me and Earl Grey have never had steak before (Titus always gets a bite when they have steak and I don't think it's fair). So I took it upon myself to sample it. First, I stole a piece off of Momma's plate. Momma grabbed it back, but I sort of got carried away and put the bitey on her. And it wasn't my usual lovey bitey. Then when Momma was wiping my spit off her fingers, I swooped in and stole a HUGE piece off Daddy's plate. And I ran! I ran into the laundry room and EG followed me. I growled and growled at him because I wanted to have a second to divide it up for us. But then Momma came running down the hall, so I ran into the bedroom and under the bed. EG followed again and I growled my big mean growl. As soon as Momma came in the bedroom, I took off down the hall again and ran into the bathroom. Momma followed me in there and shut the door. She tried to pull the steak out of my mouth, but I wasn't going to give it up without a fight. Unfortunately, she's had lots of experience pulling stuff out of Titus' mouth, so she did that crappy move she uses on him to make him let go of stuff. It stinks. So I had no choice, but to spit out the steak. The good thing is that Momma was so shocked by what I did that all she could do was laugh. So me and EG still didn't get any steak, but when I was cleaning up after all the excitement, I noticed that my whiskers tasted a little steak-y.

Love, Tazo

PS - Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Daddys, Food Dudes, Mr. Tasty Faces, and Awesome Mans. Hope you all had a great day!


  1. The turtle is very very interesting.
    We have never seen one here... that guy looks big!

  2. A steak is a very good prey!
    You are a good hunter!

  3. That's a ginormous turtle. You're probly krekt. His name is probly George.

    Man, that sux that u dint git no stake. G.T. & Jenny luf stake. Cept not wid A-1 on it. Only plane stake.

    Luf, Us

  4. That is very cool that you had a turtle in your yard! Tazo, you were very naughty with the steak! I've never tasted steak either. I'm glad you had a bit of steak-taste on your whiskers.

  5. If you lick real slowly, you can sometimes make a taste last a long time!!! I found that out under similar circumstances.

  6. Thanks for visiting my site! Have a great week!

  7. George, what the heck are you doing? (I don't think heck is a bad word). You need to go back home. Here is a joke for you:

    Q: Why did the turtle cross the road?
    A: Don't ask me, ask George!

    ps: steak-y whiskers sound good.

  8. Tazo, you guys play Thundering Herd too??? We should hang out and all play together!

    We never had steak either.

    That turtle looks like fun.

  9. Wowie, whatta kool turtle! I'd like to have him as my buddy.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  10. says milo: turtles are flip-flappin' noisey critters--kitties would find them most interesting to observe (just as long as they continues on their way) :) interestin'!

  11. She took the steak back?!? Oh the horror! At least you got to taste your whiskers!
    (I would have growled too!)

  12. Aw, Tazo, she should have let you have it after all that!

  13. hehehehe..that was great! But I agree with William, after all of that, your mom should have let you keep it!


  14. That turtle was impressive - too bad you couldn't get to play with it.

    But wow! - you ran and hid in so many places with that huge steak...that's so pawesome!! I agree with William and Tara, you should be entitled to eat that steak!


  15. Ah ha ha ha!!!! I totally loved your steak story! Our dad grilled his steak and my Food Lady gave little steak bits to both of us but you had fun with your steak! Awesome how you took the steak and ran with it!!!!!!

  16. that was quite the steak adventure you had Tzao....maybe if you had shared the steak with EG your mommy would have let you keep it?
    I nefurrrr get to eat people food either.
    Love Miss Peach

  17. what an adventure tazo! even though you were so persistent, your mommy didn't let you keep it? dang!

    ben fuzz

  18. Yeah, Tazo! Steak is good eats. Too bad the beans didn't just gif you a bite to begin wif. Mom says that turtle aminds her of Mr. Turtle, a Desert Tortoise that moved frum a classroom to her friend's house. Was George lookin fur a hare to race?

  19. ha ha ha ha ha that was awesome effort! You should have gotten some steak just for trying so hard. Mommy said the bitey isn't nice (and touching my belly gives me no choice) but she'd have let me nibble a little piece...


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