Friday, June 1, 2007

Furry Kid Friday (V-E-T UPDATE below)

These are my furs. Aren't they great? During shedding season (I get two a year - spring and late summer), I lose my undercoat. This means that for me, my hair comes out in chunks. It also means a lot of brushing (yippee!) and lots of vacuuming (boo!) at our house. I shed so much that Mom doesn't even know if the twins shed because my furs just take over.

As you can see from the pictures of our carpet shown above, I work hard at leaving my furs all over the house. But then Mom comes along with the stupid vacuum and sucks up all my furs and I have to start over. It is very frustrating. I think everything looks much better when it's covered in my furs.

In other news, I have to go to the V-E-T today. I don't get to see my favorite V-E-T, Dr. C., but Mom tells me that Dr. P. took really good care of EG, so I'll like her (well, as much as I like any V-E-T). I'm due for my shots and heartworm test, but I'm still having a bit of a 'tock problem and Mom wants to get that checked out (which means she has to bring a "sample" heh heh from home). Wish me luck!


UPDATE on the V-E-T visit: Dr. P says I probably have some sort of bacterial butt thing or parasite and that I probably got it from eating something extremely tasty gross outside (like a dead thing or rabbit poo - mmmmmm). My poo sample was soooo stinky that all the girls in the back were talking about it. It was very embarrassing. Dr. P is going to call Mom tomorrow with the results of my tests. I got some medicine to "calm my digestive tract" and Mom just has to keep an eye on me until we know for sure what's up with my 'tocks. I did not get any shots today (yay!!!) because Dr. P wanted to find out what was making my 'tocks so angry before I got my vaccinations. The bad news is that I have to go back and get them as soon as my 'tocks feel better.

I also met a very nice dawg at the V-E-T's office. Her name is Muffin. She is a white poodle with curly furs just like Dr. Daisy and my Mom. She is 16 years old. She wouldn't take her medicine today and wouldn't eat anything except half a popsicle, so her mom brought her in so the V-E-T could look at her. I've never had a popsicle before but I think I would like it. My Mom says she likes the orange ones best, but Dad says he likes red.

PS - Dr. Daisy, I did not rat you out (sorry Poi clan) to the V-E-T. Your medical license is safe. :)


  1. Good luck at the VET! I'm sure they will be very nice. I like your fur, I think you and I would decorate very well together.


  2. Maybe you could make a cute blanket or sweater from your extra fur.

    Good luck at the V-E-T!

    ps:(whispers)Please do not tell the V-E-T that I hyp-no-tized you. They might take away my medical license.

  3. good luckies at the v.e.t.'s!

    And yeah, we Ballicai think everything looks lots better with alla our kitty fuzzies all over it.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. Yep furrs on the carpet makes it extra soft.Good luck at the V E T

  5. My mom would wanna make yarn outta yur furs. Sorry 'bout the V-E-T but I hope yur doin' better!

  6. Titus, my furs fall out in chunks during shedding season too. I am proud to say that I can cover the house FULL of my fur in every nook and cranny within 48 hours of vacuuming. Can you do that??


  7. You and Diamond doggy shed the same way. Mommy can't believe how much fur comes off of his doggy self!

  8. Thanks Titus. I knew you were a stand-up dog.

  9. Deer Titus, we are so sorry to hear that you have butt issues. Those are the worst and most humiliating... especially when the techs in the back room are screaming about the smell.

    I think you could make something with all of that fur... maybe a blanket.

    I hope you are feeling much better soon.


  10. Yikes about the vet visit, Titus ... good luck with the digestive tract business!

  11. Titus, we hope you're feeling better now--except that would mean another trip to the VET for shots. :(

    We agree that houses look good decorated in fur--except that we think that it should be cat fur.

    Best wishes,

  12. Hi Titus! I've been bad about visiting but that will change now that school is out. Mommy will let me back on the computer more.

    I hope your tocks are better my friend. Sounds awful but at least your beans had to take care of getting the, um, sample! MOL! Take care friend, woofie!

  13. Dear Titus, I think you should be exceptionally proud of your smelly poos. It is good to have a distinctive feature. FAZ

  14. Hi Titus,

    Sorry to hear your tummy not well.
    Good Luck at your vet appointment
    I'll keep my paws crossed for you :)


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