Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuesday Tail

Because I was so inspired by Jeter's posts last week about his brother Mickey's tail, I have decided to do an ode to my tail.
Without further ado, may I present to you.....

An Ode to My Tail
by Tazo Tea Gizmo

My name is Tazo
This is my tail.
It's stripey like a racoon's
Tho' it's good looks prevail.

It follows behind me
Wherever I roam,
It speaks for itself
So I'll end my poem.

This is my tail. It is stripey. I like it because it coordinates with my brothers' tails, yet is distinctly different. For example, Titus' tail is white and floofy. EG's is gray grey and has a knot in it because it got broken when we were babies. My tail combines the best of both worlds. It is gray grey with taupe-ish accents (because Earl Grey is not all gray, I mean grey, don't let him fool you. He even has :whispers: stripes. hee hee) and it has stripes of nice white furs in between. I think it is fancy. Momma likes it, too. Especially when Daddy's eating dinner and I swipe it over his plate. That always makes her giggle.



  1. My tail looks just like yours!! No, seriously it does, just more narrow. How cool, we can be tail twins.


  2. very pretty tail you have. I love the stripes


  3. That is one good looking tail!

  4. That'sza great lookin' tail! And real kool how all youkitties tails complement each other's. all us Ballicai's tails do, too. Mine's dark brown and long and Meezerly, Dorydoo's is sleek and black, Brainball's is orange and superfloofy, and Marilyn's is plump and white and cushy.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. That's a bodacious tail that you've got! I like the stripes a whole lot 'cuz they're pretty and kinda fashionable at the same time. I wish (sometimes) that I had me some stripes!

  6. Excellent poem about a lovely tail!

  7. Tazo, you have a lovely tail! And that's a great poem about it. :)

  8. I love that poem! You have a nice tail. Mine is striped the same way.

  9. We love your Ode to your Tail!! You are very talented, and also have a beeyoutiful tail.

    Luf, Us


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