Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 14

13 Things That Should be on Momma’s Shopping List This Week

1. Kibble

2. Stinky Goodness, especially Cowboy Cookout - we just tried that this week and it is awesome!!!

3. Feather boa (preferably in purple)

4. Whirlybird Toy - we don't know what this is, but we want one!

5. Primo 'nip or a 'nip plant

6. A giant steak (or three!)

7. Vanilla ice cream and plain cones (Momma and Daddy like chocolate best, so we never get to share any ice cream with them. If Mom buys vanilla, then I bet we could have some.)

8. Ice cubes

9. Bird feeder for outside the front window

10. Harnesses and a stroller so we can go outside

11. 8' tall cat tree for the family room - the one with all the levels and all the great hidey spots

12. Cute outfits

13. A fishie or two in a bowl


  1. That are very nice things to have!

  2. That seems like a very very reasonable shopping list. I sure hope you get everything on your list. If not, maybe you can put them on your holiday Wish List!

  3. That's a great shopping list. Do you really think you'll get some of those things? I'm allowed to lick the bowl after Mom has chocolate (low fat) ice cream and it's never hurt me one bit.


    Did you see Beezer's red boa? I want one!

    Maxwell Smartkitty

    Oh, I don't believe it!!! Is another cat getting a stroller?


  4. mm I like the idea of steak on the shopping list. You are a cat after my own heart xx

  5. That's a great shopping list! Just hand it on over to your beans ...

  6. What a grate list. We would like efurryfing on it except #10 and 12. Ice cubes are fun. we like chasing them around the kitchen floor.

  7. We LOVE vanila ice kreem!!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

  8. Ice cubes are easy enough to make at home, so you shouldn't have to buy them. I think the rest of the list is pretty reasonable, but the 8-foot tall cat tree might have to wait for a special occasion, like your birthday or Christmas.

  9. Great shopping list!! Can we borrow it so we can give it to our Mom!!
    Samantha & Tigger


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