Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Titus Tuesday

Before I found out that Momma didn't really forget about me and leave me outside for hours and hours and hours to fend for myself, I decided that I would do something that would really get her attention. So guess what I did? (Hint: this is something that I'm really good at!) I ate three Clif bars. Wrappers and all. Hahahahahaha! They were sooooo good. Except now I have a bit of a 'tocks problem. Again. So I can't even drop a dookie (hee hee - thanks, Skeezix) without Momma scoping it out and threatening to deliver samples to the V-E-T again. I think I might have a problem. Um, Jeter, not to rush you or anything, but how's that mantra coming? I really need some help with my indiscriminant eating.

In other news, Momma's eyes were leaking because she says just when she thinks she has us outsmarted, we find another way to get into stuff we're not supposed to have. I made sure that I gave her lots of hugs and made the twins promise not to put the bitey on her for the whole night. And guess what? They didn't. She even played rawr with me and the red dot game with the twins.


  1. Oh, Titus! I see you grinning there, but you done a bad thing. You are supposed to look embarassed! I might have to hypnotize you again, soon.

  2. Titus, I hope that you really did learn your lesson this time! That is however a really cute picture of you!

    Purrrs, China Cat

  3. hehehe, I love that pikshure of you, upside down and grinnin'. You're a kool woofie!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. That is a very cute picture, I am sure your momma didn't stay made at you for very long with that cute smirk.

  5. You just go ahead and eat what you want! So what if you are a bit indisposed afterwards - I think it's worth it!
    I keep on eating the butter whenever I get a chance - the maid and the butler seem more upset about the diarrhea than I am. I think of it as cleaning out the system.

  6. Titus you are such a good doggie. we are afraid of doggies but you are such a trusting and sweet guy!
    We absolutley love this picture of you

  7. titus ... repeet after me ... "no barz" "no barz"
    dis iz yer mantra ... repeet it wid yer eyez clozed an wile yer doin sum deep breethin. u will relax an become da grate d-o-g dat i know u can be.
    good luck ... an remember ... "no barz" "no barz"
    laffin an laffin!
    yer grate frend--jh

  8. Oh, Titus, you really must refrain yourself from eating everything in sight. Wrappers and all! At least unwrap them the next time, but I hope there won't be a next time. You do look irresistable in the picture, though. Here are some virtual chin scritches.

  9. My goodness three Clif bars and wrappers and all. That's one determined dog. FAZ


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