Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wet, White Paw Wednesday

These are my paws. They are white. One is soaking wet.

It was very hot yesterday and our air conditioning wasn't working. All of us Furry Kids were super hot. We weren't tearing around the house or playing Thundering Herd of Elephants or nothing. We were all laying on the kitchen floor, all stretched out like giant jungle cats (well, except for Titus, because he's a dawg.) Mom was afraid we were getting too hot, so she put ice cubes in our water dish. Me and Tazo had never seen ice cubes before. (Titus knows all about them - they're his favorite treat, but apparently he's been holding out on us. Grrrrr) Anyway, it turns out that ice cubes are super fun! They float around the bowl and you can practice your hunting skills on them. Ice cubes rock!!!

Check out my moves:

Tazo's not too sure about the cubes. Well, she was having an ok time until I shook my wet paw and sprayed her and Titus and Mom with water. None of them were too happy about that.

Mom was "laffin' and laffin'"* at my moves.

On the down side, I heard her tell Dad last night that she probably won't get us a pet fishie for our birthday next month. She seems to think a fishie in a bowl wouldn't be a good idea for our house. I don't know why. Just imagine how awesome my skills would be if I got to hunt play with a fishie. I might even graduate from being Assistant PBK (that's Professional Bug Killer) to a full blown PBK like Tazo.

~Earl Grey

PS - The repair dude came and fixed the air and we got to resume our game of Thundering Herd of Elephants. All is right with the world.

*Harris, Jeter. Home page. 23 June 2007. 24 June 2007.


  1. I HATE the hot. I had no cold air blowing thing for the first 6 years of my life. Ice cubes can be fun but then you end up with the wet paw which you have to flick around really fast. That can be fun too though.


  2. Those are some excellent moves, EG! It looks to me like you are just about ready for a pet fishie with moves like that. I have been asking for a pet fishie also. But my Mommie does not want to clean his bowl. I'm still asking though.

  3. ha ha I can't for the life of me think why you human wouldn't get you a fish in a bowl!!! Honestly, it would be character building for you!

    Those icecubes look like lotsa fun he he cool pics xx

  4. Sounds like you're havin' a watery Wednesday! And I'm so glad your air got fixed.

    I like playin' with water, too! I'm the only kitty in my household who does, but I get in the sink and even splash around a little when there's water in the bottom of it.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. we don't have a/c at all, but we normally only have a couple days where we wish we did. however, I love love love ice cubes in the bowl! I like to poke my paw in the water and splash anyway, and ice makes it more fun plus tastier.

  6. We LOVE ice cubes, too ... 'Specially Lucky Charmz when they come shootin' out of the 'frigerator and land on the tile in the kitchen. He likes to chase 'em. We like to explore Mom's drinks with our paws when there are cubes in the drinks. She gets kinda annoyed with us 'cuz we make a mess of water droplets all over the place (and Charmee likes to spill the drinks when he's finished playin' with the cubes).

    We're furry glad that your a/c is fixed. We haven't needed ours (we have central refrigeration in the house and it gets brrrrrr cold!). Wait 'til September when it's hot and humid here ... Right now, it's in the high 60s or low 70s and breezy.


  7. Oh! What totally pawsome moves EG!!! We noticed your wet paw in the first picture and wondered why it was wet until you explained it. We like to bat ice cubes around on the kitchen floor. But then they go away....

    Glad your a/c got fixed!

    Luf, Us

  8. Those are some neat pictures of you EG. We've never played with ice, but it looks like fun. We vote for the fish bowl, so you can see the fishes!!
    Samantha & Tigger

  9. Hmmm ice! We dunno 'bout those. Mommy said she will let us play with them in our water bowls on the next hot day. Yay!


  10. I used to like to play in my water. Then she got the big heavy bowl that I can't tip over.
    Sometimes mombeans aren't any fun.

  11. Oh, yoo were doing a good job wif da ice cubes!

  12. Oah my~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's must be really hot!!!!
    I cannot image no air-conditionor's life.
    At least I will turn on during 11am~15pm.

    Hope it will be fine soon.
    Poor dear~!

  13. I'm glad your air-conditioner got fixed. Ice cubes are lots of fun. You have some great moves. I can understand why your Mom doesn't want to get you a fishie in a bowl. It probably wouldn't last long.

  14. Our air went down too for a day and it was making all the beans cranky. I'll have to ask for ice cubs the next time I'm bored.

  15. Playing in ice cubes is one of my favorite things!


  16. Hooray for ice cubes! (and air conditioning!)


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