Thursday, April 26, 2007

Limericks for Karen Jo

Finnegan suggested that we write limericks for our pal, Karen Jo, to help cheer her up while her toes heal. So we gave it our best shot. We hope you like them Karen Jo. :)

There once was a lady named Karen Jo
All day long she had hurty toes.
The doctor was quick,
He said they were fixed.
Her new bandages were white as snow.

There was a lady named KJ
She wrote limericks about kitties each day.
Her limericks were cool,
She didn't even need school.
She's super nice, is her birthday in May?


  1. Good limericks you guys. That will help Karen feel better.

  2. Those are great Limericks! great job guys! We hope that KJ likes all these Limericks!!!

  3. Thank you for the limericks. I really like them. My toes are feeling much better now.


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