Sunday, April 22, 2007

Get Well Soon, Lilly Lu

We're purraying and purraying for you to get better real fast.
Hang in there, Mama Laura. (((hugs))) and purrs to all of you.

PS - Thank you, Daisy, for letting us use the get well image you made.


  1. Big hugs to Lilly Lu and Momma Laura. I hope and pray that she gets all the way well very soon.

  2. I really hope all of our good thoughts, pink colors, and strong purrs will help Lilly Lu get better.

  3. Lets keep our paws crossed...lots of purrs to Lilly Lu!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my Friday post.


  4. oh yes, pink all the way, and lots and lots of purrs for lilly lu!


  5. It's lovely to know us blogging cats all stick together to look after and support our friends all around the world. Big hugs to Lilly Lu from me too. FAZ


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