Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tails Tuesday

EG here:
Mom STILL hasn't downloaded my tummy pictures. Grrrr. So today, we leave you with our tails. (Mine is the grey one (duh). It has a big kink in it, because when I was a tiny baby kitty, it got shut in a door. Tazo's is the stripey one. I think her's looks like a racoon tail.) I was looking out the window, just minding my own business and out of the blue, Tazo just lays down on me. I felt a little like Skeezix & Mao.


  1. Lovely tails! :) I think the kink in your tail gives it character, Earl Grey. :) My mom thinks it's cute that Tazo decided to just lie down on top of you!

  2. i luv dat tailz shot.
    mi noo brudder matsui drapez hiz tail arownd mi neck. verree intrestin.

  3. Thanks, DH. Tazo's always trying to lay on me and she's a bit full figured, so sometimes I feel squished.
    Jeter, I'm not sure brothers should be doing that sort of thing. :)


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