Friday, April 20, 2007

Froot Bat Friday - Dawg Edition

Can dawgs be froot bats? Sometimes my ears look a tad froot batty.

PS - I guess I should post a Public Service Announcement about Dawgs (or Woofies in layman's terms). It has come to my attention that not all kitties know about Dawgs. Although I get along with Tazo and Earl Grey just fine, some dawgs, or woofies, do not care for kitties. In fact, some can be more vishus than vishus deer. Which is really bad. In the interest of public safety, I would just like to convey that you all should treat all stranger dawgs/woofies as though they are not kitty friendly. Or at least make sure you are accompanied by an adult human if you have to go near them. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Hmm, can woofies or dawgs be frootbats? I'm not sure. You sound like a very nice woofie.

  2. You are a nice woofie like our woofie. He is not a fruitbat though. His ears flop over and are kind of silly. We like to help him wash his ears. Do your kitties do that for you?

  3. Thank you for the warning about dogs. I think Titus might be a frootbat. I saw his picture on Karen Jo's Limerick blog, and they looked pretty frootbatty in that picture. But what I really liked about that picture was the pretty pink color of Titus' ears (the inside part).

  4. Titus, you make a furry good frootbat. Thanks for the PSA, you are a very nice woofie.


  5. You do look frootbatty, Titus. I am very glad that you and Tazo liked your limericks.

  6. Those are excellent doggie frootie ears wowie!!

    Happy week-end

  7. That's very good advice, Titus.

    Personally, I don't like woofies at all, although I will certainly make an exception for YOU!



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