Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Here's my tummy (sort of), three days after I got my stitches out. I'm not really all about taking tummy photos. The lighter part in the middle is where my fur is shaved.

Due to the graphic nature of the rest of this post, parental discretion is advised. (I added links instead of posting pictures in case anybody is squeamish.)

This picture is from my first night home after my foreign body surgery. That bloody looking splotch is *not* blood. It is a bruise. Unfortunately, my Mom didn't know that at first and kept trying to wipe it off. Then she felt bad because she found out it was a bruise and she'd been poking at it. Ouch. No wonder I got squirmy, Mom. *eye rolling*

This is my tummy right before I got my stitches out. The doctor who took them out (Dr. Greene) was super cute, but not as cute as Dr. Daisy. Oh, and please excuse my Mom's crazy jammie bottoms. She wears them all the time. *more eye rolling* Silly Mom.

That's about it for my tummy.

Peace out,
Earl Grey

PS - Guess what?! Titus ate a bunch of kitty box crunchies and then threw up all over Mom and Dad's bedroom. It was a disgusting mix of puke, dawg kibble, poo, and Swheat Scoop. I did my part by running in there and trying to cover it up, but for some reason Mom freaked out about me helping. Whatever. Anyway, Mom got most of the stain up, but she doesn't think the carpet will ever be the same. heh heh Mom and Dad slept on the air mattress in the family room last night because their room just REEKED. Mom's checking out scent killing spray today...

PS2 - Earl, I don't think it's very nice of you to go telling everybody about Titus' tummy problems. Even though it is Tummy Tuesday. You should probably tell him you're sorry. He feels bad enough about the ralphing.


  1. Your poor tummy Earl Grey! You had a lot of stitches. I'm so glad you are all right now.

    Yuck on Titus' eating habits. Gross!

  2. Gosh Earl, you must have some pretty good stitch patterns under your fur!
    Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  3. first, your dad is right, chicks dig scars. Poor Earl, that looked like it was uber sore. We're so glad you're OK.
    Poor Titus. Mommy says woofies often do the pukey thing (she had 3 growing up). It is nasty, but we should love them all the same. I say, they should stop eating bunny poopies from the yard and bomiting it up!

  4. deer earl grey,
    wut'z "squeemish?
    i think i'm it!
    how'z yer tummy?
    an how duz da bedroom smell?
    laffin an laffin!
    luv--yer frend--jh

  5. oh Earl Grey - your poor tummy.

    why does woofies eat cat poop? that's just SKUSTING!

  6. Awwww, Earl. I'm so glad you are OK now, that was so scary! We remember being so worried for you!

  7. Wow! Earl Grey, you had more stitches than I did after my bladder-stone surgery. It seems like your furs are growing back very quickly.

    I am glad you showed us your tummy. After doing a complete medical inspection, I pronounce your tummy good. And my considered medical advice to you is: Stay Away from Plastic. You must also get at least 20 chin scritches per day to aid in healing your tummy.

    Dr. Daisy

  8. Earl Grey, we're very glad that you're feeling better! Too many sick fur friends lately, but it sounds like everyone is getting better. Hopefully our Samantha will too.

    I'm glad that your bruise is better too, Samantha had a bruise kinda like that after the V E T sewed up her eye.

    Poor Titus! and poor Mommy and Daddy! peeeeu!


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