Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 5

Thirteen Things we love about our Momma:

1. She has curly hair that is fun to play with. It is especially fun to put the bitey on.

2. She feeds everyone as soon as she gets up in the morning and as soon as she gets home from work – before she does anything else. Even drink coffee!

3. She makes sure that everyone gets equal pets and scritches as soon as we’re done with our meals.

4. She makes sure to pick us up and cuddle us once a day whether we like it or not. We pretend we don’t like it sometimes, but we really do. Titus always gets a big hug from her because he hates to be picked up – and Momma’s not really strong enough to pick him up anyway. He weighs a whole 59 pounds!

5. She gives us bottled water because she says if she won’t drink the water at our house, she won’t make us drink it either (sometimes the water is brownish grey - ewwww).

6. She leaves Titus’ nose prints on the window sometimes because she thinks its cute.

7. She made a special bedtime routine for us. For Titus – “Good night, Momma loves you. Come and get me if you need me. And come sleep with us because we love it.” Then he gets a big smooch on the top of the head and some ear scratches. She gives me and Tazo special ear scratches and tells us goodnight and that she loves us too.

8. She always tries to get us to kiss her by wearing fruity smelling chapstick. Sometimes it works on Tazo.

9. She makes sure that Titus has a tower of beds in the family room and the bedroom.

10. She likes it when we take naps with her.

11. She takes lots of pictures of us because she thinks we’re cute.

12. She always celebrates our birthdays – she buys us lots of toys and treats.

13. She took really good care of EG when he was sick. She was so scared and her eyes leaked a lot, but she did what she had to do to help him feel better. Tazo and I helped her by giving her lots of cuddles when she was feeling scared and sad.


  1. I can see why you love your Momma, she sounds so nice! And I love curly fur and curly hair! My Mommie is always trying to kiss me too. Maybe if she wore fruity chapstick I would like it more.

  2. Don't fall for the fruity chapstick trick, Daisy!


  3. Your mom sounds wonderful, it is easy to see that you love her and that she loves you. :)

    I get bottled water too. Munich water is very hard and I don't like the taste, so my humans give me bottled.

  4. All of your reasons are so great, but we really like number 7!

  5. Your mom sounds wonderful. She also sounds a lot like the Lap Lady (but she doesn't have curly hair). Isn't it great to have such loving humans?


  6. you momma is the bestes!!! you all is so lucky to haf her!

  7. Yay. Mommies are the best. I love my dad too but my mommie is crazy about us...
    Your mommie has byooodiful hair, wow.

  8. Your Momma is very good to you and it's nice to see how much you appreciate it.

  9. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM

    DKM has curly hair that I like to pounce also! ~Sophia

  10. Wow... you really have such a great Mom. We think that's wonderful. So many of us kitties have been really lucky with our lives. Oh... and the other day our mom was out with a friend for tea and our mom had Tazo Early Grey, and thought of you cute kitties immediately!

  11. We think our Mom's a keeper.

    Mattingly - We were named after Tazo Earl Grey tea!!! :)

    Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

  12. She sounds furry nice! Our Lady has curly hair too, and I like to pounce it and lick it and chew it, but she doesn't like me to because when I swallow long hair, it makes "poop on a string" when it comes out. Sorry - was that too much information?


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