Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The twins have been blog hogs lately, so I'm taking it back today. Check out my toes!


  1. I am studying closely.... very interesting! Woofie toes look very different from kitty toes. Your toes look drier. Do you know what I mean?

  2. Thanks, DH. :)
    Daisy - Woofie toes are different. Our nails are out all the time. We can't retract them or anything!

    My paw pads are very rough - a lot rougher than Tazo's and EG's. (But I don't spend a lot of time licking my feet like they do.) In fact, Mom says they are the roughest dawg toes she's ever seen. When I first got adopted, I got really scared and ran away. I stayed out all night running around on the pavement, so my feets were all cut up and cracked and dry. The V-E-T even gave her some slimey stuff to put on them, but I hated it and it left greasy spots on the floor, so she stopped torturing me. :) They ended up healing real good, but they're still dry. Even drier than my sister, Shadow's were. The V-E-T says that's just the way I'm made. *shrugging*

    Mom also says my toes also smell like hot Fritos, whatever that means. I don't think kitty toes smell like hot Fritos, do they? At least the twins' don't. I hope this helps you with your studies. :)


  3. Thanks, Titus. I am learning a lot!

  4. Woofie toes! Dey luk difyernt.

    Luf, Us


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