Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 6

Since we did last week's TT on our Momma, we thought we'd dedicate this one to our Dad. (He doesn't really have laser beam eyes. It just looks that way in this picture.)

13 Things We Love About Our Dad

1. He works different hours than Momma, so he stays up later and gets up later in the morning. That means we get to sleep in most every morning, too.

2. He has very big muscles and he can pick us up for lots of cuddling. He can even pick up Titus (but Titus hates this very much). His big muscles also help him lift up the couch so that Momma can dig out our jingle ball stash.

3. He doesn’t really measure out the food that accurately, so we usually score more kibble when he’s in charge of mealtimes.

4. He does the best belly rubs ever!

5. When he takes me (Titus) for a walk, we always go on adventures.

6. He likes us to cuddle in bed with him – as long as we don’t hog the covers.

7. He has gray hairs on his head. We think he’s speckley like Tazo. Hee hee!

8. He wears glasses which are very fun to chew. I (Tazo) find the ear pieces quite tasty. The lenses aren’t as tasty, though.

9. He’s a good medicine giver. He’s super fast at it. And he gives great belly scritches and ear scratches when we’re done.

10. He does awesome manicures and pedicures. He holds us in his lap, Momma scratches our bellies, and they both tell us how good we are and how much they love us while Daddy does all the clipping.

11. He lets us eat whatever he drops on the floor, and doesn't even tell Momma about it. It's our little secret.

12. He didn’t get mad when we (the twins) chewed through his pants pocket to get to a mint that he had left in there.

13. He buys us the best toys and treats.


  1. Your Dad sounds nice! It is no wonder you love him so much.

    I think glasses are fun to chew on too. But I found out that you can get in bad trouble for chewing up the earpieces.

  2. You dad sounds like a great guy! :) He clearly loves you very much, just like you love him.

    Glasses are fun to chew! My humans don't like it when I chew theirs, though.

  3. Why do our people not like us chewing their glasses? Dad hates when I grab his glasses and run down the hall. *shrugging* It is just so much fun, though. Whee!

  4. That's a great TT!! Your dad sounds wonderful. You are furry lucky kids!!

    Luf, Us


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