Friday, April 6, 2007

Feeling Better Friday

We are all crossing our paws and knocking on wood - but Tazo seems to be feeling lots better. She chowed down her dinner and bed night snack and then breakfast again this morning. She was making her rounds to look for bugs so she could practice her PBK (that's Professional Bug Killer) skills. Mom did a puke walk last night when she got home from work and then again this morning before breakfast. That means that she walks around the house and checks all the hidey spots for puke spots. She learned to do that when EG was puking all the time. I don't mind helping her (since I can usually spot the evidence way before she does), but it cuts into my meal time. She won't feed us til she makes the rounds and my rumbling tummy makes it really hard to concentrate on finding any evidence.

Anyway, we think she's feeling better *knocking on wood & crossing everything that can be crossed* and we want to thank you all for all your thoughts and purrayers.



  1. We are glad to hear Tazo is feeling better! The puke walk sounds like a plan, our mom usually finds it by fher barefoot. Happy Weekend

  2. It's good to hear Tazo is feeling better! I hope she just had a little upset and that no one else gets sick!

  3. I'm glad to hear Tazo is feeling better! Continuing to send healing purrs her way.

  4. Great news!! I hope everyone is healthy soon!


  5. Is everything good? Did the bunny visit you all?


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