Thursday, April 5, 2007

You're Not Going to Believe This

but Mom's worried about Tazo now. She didn't eat as much supper as she usually does and the same with breakfast this morning. She was acting real quiet this morning, too. She didn't even wait in the bathroom while Mom took a shower. Then Titus found a throw up spot in the living room - and I swear I didn't do it this time. So Mom's super worried and her eyes were leaking. Me and Titus are saying lots of purrayers because we don't want Tazo to be sick now, too. Could you guys please keep Mom and Tazo in your thoughts today? We appreciate it.

~Earl Grey


  1. Oh no! We'll certainly keep you in our purrs. Meowmy was worried about us too because someone is yaking and she doesn't know who. Keep us updated and give your mom big hugs!!


  2. Thank you, Latte. We'll purray for you guys, too. Let's make a pact to all stop ralphing so our Moms don't have to worry any more.


  3. Not Tazo too! Maybe she frew up what was bugging her. Hope she eats today! Sending purrayers & purrs.

  4. Oh no no no no no! I am hoping Tazo bounces back quickly and it was just something minor. I am sending some purrs, just in case!

  5. Oh no.... it seems it is always something. We have that here too sometimes... too much.
    All of you have had too much too!
    We are praying and purring for all of you to heal and get all well for Spring and Easter <3

    Prinnie and Caesar too <3

  6. Oh no are you having digestive issues too? Get better soonest.

  7. Poor Tazo! I hope she feels better soon--we all do!

  8. Oh no! I'm sending lots of healing purrs out to Tazo and keeping her in my prayers. I hope it is just something minor and she feels 100% soon!


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