Wednesday, July 30, 2008

White Mustache Wednesday

It's not a Giambi mustache, but it'll do.

In other news, The Mom dropped off a "sample" to the V-E-T this morning so they can see if our medicines took care of our giardia. We're keeping our paws crossed that we're in the clear.

In other other news, if you've got some extra purrs hanging around, Aunt Jen could use one or two. She had been doing really well, but she got a really bad infection over the weekend and she's back in the hospital. She (and we) would really appreciate it.


  1. Such a cute face!!! Certainly we'll purr for Aunt Jen- she's such an incredible fighter!


  2. oh EG we will surely purr for Aunt Jen.

    We hopes your 'tocks trouble are behind you.

    or somefing like that.

  3. We've got all fingers and paws crossed for good results! Pearl had Giardia when she was little - we all had to be careful (even Mommy and Daddy 'cause humans can get it too).

    We'll be purring for Aunt Jen, hopefully she's just a bit run-down and will recover quickly.

    Hi Tazo!!!! :waves:


  4. I will cwoss my aweady cwossed paws..too much sadness and sickness
    sad smoochie kisses

  5. I am purring my best for Aunt Jen!

  6. I am purring and purring that your Aunt Jen feels better.

    I am sorry to hear that you guys have been unwell - get better quickly.

  7. Oh, Earl! You look so handsome. What a darling mustache you have!

    We Ballicai are purring as hard as we can for your Aunt Jen, and we hope so much that your 'tocks troubles are behind you!

    Lots and lots and lots of whiskie kisses to you, cutie!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  8. Major purrs and good wishes to Aunt Jen. By the way, my friend Bo Diddley has giardia and is on medicine too. He has refused to take the pills, however, unless they are coated in butter -- yum!

  9. Love that mustache! I hope the news from the vet is good!

    Sending good wishes and purrs to your Aunt Jen. I hope she gets out of the hospital soonishly!

  10. All my paws are crossed for the end of the Furry Kids 'tocks troubles! And I'm purrin' for Aunt Jen, too, that her troubles might be soon mended.


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