Monday, July 21, 2008

Mancat Monday

I have been doing an exceptional amount of grooming this week. Because The Mom has been wiping whatever medicine I spit out onto my furs. I think this is very rude. I like to keep a clean machine, as Parker likes to say. But she has been making it up to me by giving us vanilla yogurt. It's pretty tasty.

Mancat Rule(s) of the Day: Keep your furs clean, spit out your medicines, and make sure to give your The Mom the stink eye every time she walks past.


  1. ha ha ha, you could use this post for manic monday too, the theme is lick!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. hoo called u errol grey?
    jus wunderin.
    i think errol grey wuzza grate actor, yes? oh no ... dat wuz errol flinn.
    keep spittin owt dat medicine.

  3. Oh have to take your medicine!!!!!

  4. Even though you do not like it, I think you should probably take all of your medicines. Sorry!

  5. I hope you get finished with that ucky medicine soon, EG!

  6. I know that medicine tastes gross, made me foam at the mouth.
    Great mancat rules!!

  7. Medicine is yucky, but ya gotta take it or you just have to keep on doin' it - and that sucks!

    Hi Tazo!
    Sorry to disappoint you today, and probably tomorrow too, Pearl's on the war path - something about I'm a "blog hog", I don't know what she's talking about!
    Purrs and nosekisses!

  8. yeah, the moms are weerd about med-i-k-shuns. that trick never worked with grampa norton though. he would just leave it on his paws and track it all over the house and make everything sticky.

  9. Those sound like good tips for a mancat, or even for a girl dog!
    Love Clover xo
    P.S. Hope you are all feeling better, and I super super loved the last Froot Bat picture. :)

  10. Medicines? ICK! We agree - spit those out as fast as you can!!

  11. I had some yogurt at lunch today...mmmmmM!


  12. Oooh, the stink eye... that sounds like fun.

  13. LOL, Nice pictures hahaha
    Licking our bodies is fun!

  14. But you should NOT spit out your medicine. If you take it right the first time, then they will not have to give you more and more and more.


  15. We hadda haf aunti biotics fer 2 weeks, an it was a rewal struggle efry time. The Big Thing says that nex time he is jus gonna put it n our furs an make us lick it off...


  16. I don't like medicine either. It makes me foam at the mouth because it tastes so bad!

    Thanks for the well-wishing on my blog. I hope you feel better too.

  17. It's very hard to let me eat medicine, either~!!!
    I can understand what you feel.

  18. Those are some great rules. I hate medicine, too ...

  19. Oh Earl, handsome, those are excellent rules! I am a stickler about keeping my furs clean, and though I've never had to have medicine other than my hairball remedy, I loathe that goopy stuff and I contrive to fling it off myself as much as I possibly can. Mom keeps trying to outsmart me, but sooner or later she'll have to admit: that's impossible.

    And I am excellent at giving Mom the stink eye when she succeeds in "gooping" me! bwahahahaha!

    Sending many, many whiskie kisses to you, cutiepie!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  20. Excellent advice, EG. We cats are known for disliking doses of medicines.


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