Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 54

Here's 13 Things heard while we get our medicine:

1. Please don't run under the bed!

2. T-Bone! You don't want the medicine. It's for kitty tummies. ::whispers:: And it doesn't taste good.

3. That's my good Bizzy Boy! (Titus takes his medicine like a good boy. Show off.)

4. Here, Speckle-Speckle! Let Mama make a speckly burrito.

5. EG! Please don't scratch Mama.

6. I'm sorry that tastes so bad.

7. Tazo, please don't make that pitiful sound. Mama is sorry about the medicine.

8. Ouch! (As Mama gets scratched during medicine time)

9. That Flagyl is *not* chicken flavored.

10. Who wants some yogurt? Would that make you feel better?

11. Don't make me put the squeeze on you!

12. Why is there medicine splattered on the kitchen cabinet???

13. How do you guys get so rubbery and hard to pick up?


  1. Yikes! It sounds like you guys have a rough time getting your medicine. When we had giardi, we had pills and paste. Our mom would wrap the pills in a bit of cheese so they wouldn't taste too bad (the vet said they had a bad taste) and the paste was actually pleasant. We hope you don't have to take medicine much longer.

  2. Oh yuck! Do you guys get treats after at least?

    Tazo you can hide over here any time! But my Mommy is pretty good at finding us when it's medicine time, so I will protect you as best I can, but sometimes Mommy's are hard to stop.
    Purrs and Nosekisses,

  3. Ah, the old go-rubbery trick!

  4. Just get through it guys, I'm pretty sure that's like the worst medicine ever! Keep scratching!!!


    I get it shoved down my thwoat, and then my nose gets tickled so I lick it and it fowces me to swallow..Mommi is twicky..(but I always get a tweat aftew)
    smoochie kisses

  6. oh my. med-i-kshuns are yucky. we go all "no bones" too when we has to haf them

  7. Oh, medicines aren't fun! Brainball tells me that antibiotics taste terrible. I haven't had to have medicine except for hairball goop, and I even hate that! I run like crazy if I even think Momma has goop on her finger for me.

    I hope all of you keep feeling better and better, and while I know the medicine must be very icky, try to take it. It will help your 'tocks get back to normal!

    And Earl: guess what! We are one of the couples featured on Mickey the Black Cat's T13 today. *grin*

    Lots and lots of whiskie kisses to you, my handsome!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  8. this is terrible to read... brings back horrible memories, thanks to Piiiierro and his G-butt.
    that medicine is evil!
    I hope you are done with it soon!

    ps: splattering is fun!

  9. Yuk meddysin is horrible. Mum sez we have jelly legs when we get it.

  10. Medicine,YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favourite line is " It's for your own good" Oooooooooooooo, I hate that!!!!
    Hope ya don't have to take it for long!
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Sounds like good times were had by all the Furry Kids during medicine time! (Poor Mama!)

  12. did you get the yogurt? that's good, right?

    smiles, auntie bee

  13. Some of those sound familiar! ha ha


  14. Yes, I was thinking myself how familiar some of those phrases sound!

  15. Ha ha ha ha, those are pretty funny. Especially #12--my mom's still finding splatters from Caroline's last episode 90 years ago!

    We also hear 'Don't make me break your head off,' and 'If you'd stop struggling, we'd be done by now.'


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