Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 50

Here are 13 reasons why I'm hissed off.

1. I can't find Lanette's phone number. Don't worry, Dorydoo, it's not like that. I'm just looking for a new The Mom.

2. No one has played red dot with me since Sunday. When Lanette left and never came back.

3. The timed kibble spitter outer has been empty since Sunday. When Lanette left and never came back.

4. Someone (not Lanette) spilled stinky goodness on my head and then proceeded to call me a gooby head.

5. Someone (not Lanette) made up a stoopid, new song. What the paw is an Errol-dy Errol? I don't like it.

6. That Guy squirted me with a water bottle last night. I was only trying to get a taste of his cereal.

7. The litterboxes are only getting scooped once a day again. Lanette scooped twice a day.

8. I got yelled at for putting the bitey on Titus' ankle. It's not my fault he screamed like a little girl. And it's not like I put the bitey on one of those precious, pink ears.

9. The new flashy box is terrible. That Woman has no idea how to work it. She played with the flash and now it just makes this horrible, lightning-ish flashy thing over and over and over. And then the pictures come out like yesterday's. It's terrible. How is everyone supposed to enjoy pictures of my handsome tuxedo if the pictures are all dark and blurry?

10. That Woman has been way to busy to help us visit our friends. If she's not at the hunting place or out having a romantical weekend or at the hospital with Aunt Jen, then she's sleeping. Or trying to sleep. See #12. heh heh

11. Lanette gave us lots more temptations than That Woman does. We haven't even had any since Monday. What the paw?

12. Lanette wouldn't yell at us for playing Thundering Herd of Elephants at 3:52 am.

13. Lanette wouldn't gag while cleaning up a poo spot off the carpet. She would understand that sometimes you just gotta scoot across the carpet. heh heh


  1. You really are hissed off, Errol-dy Errol! Ah-hahahahaha!

  2. EG, we can understand why you're hissed off. We hate getting sprayed with the water bottle. #13 is very true, although we haven't made poo art in quite a while.

  3. Humans are NOT purrfect. They just have no idea..

  4. Oh my....

    That is a lot to me mad about. I hope the rest of your week brightens up! I had a crappy week like that last week.

    It'll get better.


  5. I do not blame you for being a little bit crabilated!

  6. EG! I loves #13 the bestest.

    Shadows boy bean literally scared the poop outta Molly, when he's lifted the litter box whiles she was in it. She left a trail of duds all the way out the bath rooms door!

  7. Oh that's a rough week EG! Hopefully they can make it up to you on the weekend!

    I'll be right over Tazo - I can't wait to try the new cheerios!

  8. Oh, we don't blame yoo fur being crabilated. It's like when da nefew stays, we gets treated sooo much better. He even sleeps in da big bed wif da door open so we can come and go...not like wif da beans. Well, dad really. He shuts da door on us! da nefew plays a lot more den mom too. He plays insted of doing lawndry or washing dishes, or vacuuming. He would neffur scare us wif da rug sucking monster...

  9. We hope you can find Lanette's phone number and fings start getting better furr you.If you do find it, can you send it on to us cuz we're fed up wiv our Beans deserting us.

  10. So what happened to Lanette? She needs to return, like, now. Don't tell anybody, but when the humans see me start scooting, they wisk me off to the vet to have my anal glands expressed. So lately, I do my scooting under the cover of darkness.

  11. That's a lot of reasons to be hissed off! And some very good ones I might add. Sounds like you need a Lanette visit in a very bad way!

  12. My, you certainly are upset. But I think that after a while, even Lanette would get upset at #12. Do you really want a new mom?


  13. Sorry, EG. Maybe your mom has that spring fever or something and it will get better. In the meantime, my bro Russell tagged you and Tazo and Titus for a meme. Come see!

  14. Bad times jes make the good ones seem bedder. I hope things get bak to normull soon!

  15. Oh dear! Sounds like That Woman needs some remedial cat-care training! Maybe if Lanette's bosses hire your (former) The Mom, they can train her to be more like Lanette?

    Thank you for your kind words about my fur-doodle!


  16. Awwww, Earl... *cuddle, cuddle*! I'm so sorry you're hissed off. Please come over and cuddle with me! And we'll play Thundering Herd of Elephants after we cuddle, then we can cuddle again!

    Lots and lots and lots of whiskie kisses and love and cuddles from Dorydoo.


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