Friday, May 16, 2008

Froot Bat Friday - Finally!

Man, it's been a rough week around here. EG's been super duper crabilated. He's left my ears alone, though he did chomp on my ankle (and got in lots of trouble for it).

Let's see. We have lots of catching up to do and it looks like it's going to be my job to fill you in.
The new camera is ok. Mom's got it stuck on some red eye reduction flashy thing, so it does this askeery strobe light thing that makes us think it's lightning and freaks us all out. She's been practicing a lot, but well, she needs a little more practice. hehe She still hasn't gotten any pictures of Tazo with it because Tazo hates the lightning light and the horrible clicky shutter sound. As soon as she hears it, she runs under the bed. hehe

Last weekend, Mom and Dad went away for a romantical, anniversary trip. For two whole days. We had a really nice petsitter looking after us. She gave me lots of peanutbutter (frozen inside a Kong). It was delicious. She also remembered to let me lick the spoon after she gave the twins their stinky goodness. Tazo hid from her most of the time, but she did come out a couple of times to play red dot. I didn't think her and EG were going to get along because EG hissed at her the very first time she came over. See, Tazo had run under the bed and Lanette didn't want to leave her in there with no food, water, or litterbox, so she grabbed her and carried her out. While she was doing that, EG hissed at her. But they made up really fast and now they're BFF. I liked Lanette a lot (she played RAWR with me in the yard), but it was really nice to have Mom and Dad home. Plus, they felt super guilty for leaving us, so we got lots of extra cuddles. And Mom had taken off two extra days from her hunting place, so we got to spend lots of extra time with her.

As far as Aunt Jen goes, she's doing pretty well. She finished her first round of induction chemo last night (that means she had chemo 24/7 for one week). Mom threw her a "Kick Chemo to the Curb" party. The snacks didn't sound very good to me (Lifesavers, Jolly Ranchers, and soda), but it cheered Aunt Jen up. She'll get another bone marrow test in the next week or two to see if there's any bad leukemia still in there. If there is, then she has to do another week of 24/7 chemo. After that, the plan is that she'll go to the hospital once a month for a five day course of chemo for the next few months. She wanted me to thank you guys for all the purrayers and pawsitive thoughts. It means a lot to her.

We've got some memes to do and we hope to get them done in the next couple of days. We apologize for not making it around to comment on everyone's bloggies. We're reading, but not commenting much right now. Hopefully hopefully hopefully things will calm down around here soon.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Titus, we are glad you had such a great pet sitter, but you are right, it's always best when mom and dad are home. Good luck to your mom as she learns more about her camera. We are purring and praying for your Aunt Jen.

  2. Wow, it sounds like a ruff week! Tell your mom most flashy boxes have an option in the menu for "sounds" where she can turn off the loud click. Maybe. Ours has a button to select the flash and cycles through Auto, off, fill, and red-eye. My woman likes the fill flash since I'm dark and Victor's light. Purrs!

  3. Wow Titus, what a week! It sounds like Lanette was as great as EG said, but there's nothing like Mom and Dad!

    It sounds like your Mom is getting the camera under control - I can't wait to see the new pictures of my sweet Tazo!

    Hello Tea Cup! Would you like to come up and visit today - I promise that Mommy won't be around with a flashy box! And she put fresh blankets in my sleeping basket so it's all warm and fuzzy :-)

  4. Titus your eats er ears are gorgeous as always.

    Mommy Bean does the same thing too, reads to us the bloggies but doesnt stops to let us comment. It's disappointings sometimes but hows can we makes her type whens she is too busy? EG does you have any ideas?

  5. I am glad Aunt Jen is doing okay. I know she can beat the doo-doo-head leukemia and I am purring for her.

  6. what a busy week!! we will keep purring for Aunt Jen!!!

  7. wow.... blogger has been a pain in the cupcake....

    anyhoo. I am thrilled to hear that Aunt Jen is progressing and I hope her bone marrow test comes out perfectly. (mom had one of those, ouch)

    Titus you look very handsome and frooty.
    I am happy your beans had a romantical anniversary... yeah, we always suffer...

    purrrs for a happy week-end

  8. You tell your mom not to worry, she has a lot to keep her busy. We are glad you are happy your mom and dad are home and that you got extra cuddle time with your mom. Nice froot bat ears. And tell your mom not to give up practising with the camera.
    We hope Aunt Jen doesn't have to do the chemo again. Hope she feels well.

    Roxy & Lucky

  9. hello my lovely little gang of friends :)

    i am glad your aunty jen got through her first round of chemo, i will keep everything crossed for the tests and pray and purr for excellent results for her. please send your Aunt Jen some headbutts from me too?

    thank you so much for sponsoring me too, it is very generous of you - the exchange rate is a bit of a kick, so I double-appreciate it! :)

    i had a good night last night - no midnight moans and i ate my breakfast this morning without encouragement! i have the will, whether my body is strong enough to get through this, well i have no idea...i have turned into a bag of (beautiful) bones in a matter of weeks.

    thank you again xxxx

  10. I am happy that your Aunt Jen is through with her chemo for a while.
    The 'rents waved at you between cursing at the I-75 detour. Mommy had to think hard about how to get downtown, she hasn't lived there in a long time!
    They liked Windsor but won't go back there - everything is so much more expensive than in Detroit. They had a nice romantical time!
    ps - great frootbat Titus!

  11. Titus, that's a fabyoolus frootbat pickshure of you! And we Ballicai are purrin and purrin and purrin fur yur Aunt Jen. Sounds like there's a lot goin on at yur place. Momma unnerstands, she's been buzzier, too, and it hisses me off cuz she can't help us bloggie as much. Moms! What are we gonna do with 'em.

    My Momma sends big huggies to yur Momma -- yur Aunt Jen is in her thoughts and purrs!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao, and Dorydoo sends lots and lots of whiskie kissies to eG!

  12. Titus, your ears! They are terrific! I bet you hear EVERYTHING! I can understand EG hissing and Tazo hiding under the bed..I'm inclined to do both those things to strangers. Please pass on my continued purrs for your Aunt Jen!

  13. titus,
    dat iz a verree hansum pikshur uv u.
    i am thinkin uv an purrayin fer yer aunt jen. 24/7 izza lotta chemo.

  14. Oh, your poor Aunt Jen, that's an awful lot of chemo. I do hope her bone marrow test comes up clear so she doesn't have to have any more chemo. Don't worry about not having time to comment. I'm sure everyone understands as it takes a long time and often people are busy with stuff they'd rather not be doing, hehe:) xxx

  15. Great froot bat, Titus! Thanks for the update on events and best wishes to your Aunt Jen. She's going through a lot. It's a good thing she has your mom as a cheerleader!

  16. Oh boy, that's a long week. Good for you for being a good sport about it, Titus. I'm glad your Auntie Jen is holding up okay against the nasty chemo.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  17. Well! You guys have had some interesting times lately! I hope things settle down for you very soon.

    I understand what you mean about reading but not commenting. If I commented on every site I read I would be up all day and all night! I need my naps!


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