Wednesday, May 7, 2008

White Feets and Wordy Wednesday

Still no luck with the new flashy box. For those who asked, it's an O*lympus E*volt E410 (without the starry things). And The Mom has no idea how to work the thing. BECAUSE SHE WON'T GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND POST SOME NEW PICTURES OF ME, I have put together a small pictorial of what's going on. Please also note that these pictures are AT LEAST A SQUILLION years old. :sigh:

Here is a picture of my feets. It's not a bad picture. I think it shows off my white feets quite nicely. For White Feets Wednesday. This is the kind of picture that we should be featuring on our blog.

However, we seem to be getting quite a lot of these pictures lately. Blurry, ghosty, ick-tastic. The Mom is really quite a disappointment lately. Whatevs.

In other news, we've got lots of stuff to post, IF THE MOM WOULD GET HER 'TOCKS IN GEAR. I'm trying to be patient, but holy cats, she's causing us to be really behind.

In other, other news, Aunt Jen starts chemo today. She's doing a seven day induction treatment, which means she gets the drugs constantly for the next seven days. If you guys have some extra woofs, purrs, and/or purrayers to send her way, it would be really appreciated.


  1. Purring and praying for your Aunt Jen. We hope your mom figures out her new camera soon, EG. You have great white feet!

  2. Oh we hopes your Aunt Jen does well with that treatment! I wills purr extra loud for hers this week.

    EG you has cute toesies!

  3. very nice white feets!

    we is sending lots and lots of purrss to your Aunt Jen

  4. Did you tell your mom to just try the automatic mode? Its usually the green thing on the dial. Sure its not exactly the best mode but it does most stuff for you.

    We'll purr for your aunty some more!


  5. It sounds like you guys have been dealing with the same sort of neglectful momma (& daddy) issues that I have. I am very sorry to hear that, buddies. I will send some special purrs and furs to your Aunt Jen, though.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  6. I'm sorry that your mom is having problems with that camera but that is a nice picture of your feets! I will purr for your Aunt Jen this week!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat

  7. I hope that your mom learns her flashy box so we can see more pictures of all of you! But today is a nice feets picture, indeed! I will send lots of purrs over to your Aunt Jen!

    Purrrrrrrs, Willow

  8. I hope your aunt will be ok. Purrs coming over to her from me.
    My mom takes some pics like that too that are blurry....I think she does not really know how to use all the functions on her camera.

  9. Sending love to your Aunt Jen xx

  10. I'll be thinking of your Aunt Jen today. The chemo is going to say to the leukemia: "You are very bad, so I must make you leave now. Bye bye!"

  11. We'll be purring for your Aunt Jen today.

    Hi Tazo!
    It's all rainy and yucky today - do you want to come over and snuggle? Maybe Mommy could light a fire for us?!

  12. I will purr for your Aunt Jen today. I hope that chemo makes the bad cancer go away quickly!

    You have very white feets!

  13. My handsome Earl, you have the most wonderful white feets! Do you want to play footsie with me? *GRIN!*

    We Ballicai are purring as hard as we can for your Aunt Jen. This must be a scary time for her. We're sending her and your mom lots of love and strength!

    And I'm sending you lots and lots and lots and lots (and lots!) of whiskie kisses, cutiepie!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  14. EG, you've got very nice feet! All of us Ballicai are keeping your Aunt Jen in our thoughts, and we're sending lots of love and hugs.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  15. Definite extra purrs for Aunt Jen. And Arfs and Woofs from Samwise and Beaux too!

  16. Lots of purrs and prayers for your Aunt Jen!
    My Mommy says that cameras can be very hard!

  17. We have already started intensive purring for the Aunt Jen!

  18. I am purring hard, hard, HARD for your Aunt Jen! That she have kind people around her, and that her body makes good use of the chemo, and quickly! And that those around her will have the extra energy they need to help her, cheerfully!

    Lots of times, our humans just need to give in and sit down and read the manual, eh?

  19. We use ONE setting on our flashy-box: "AUTO"... We still haf problems wif us being haf outta the picture though. We jus delete those.

  20. You have very nice white feet. As for your mom and the camera, tell her that is what the manual is for, to be read! ha ha

    As for your Aunt Jen, we will send some quiet woofs her way.


  21. We are purring for your Auntie Jen. Those are great toesie pictues. We hope your mom figures out the camera soon.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  22. We know your mom and dad will figure out that stupid camera! Then we'll see lots of new pictures of you guys! The white feets picture was terrific, even if it was really, really old!

    Hugs to your Aunt Jen. We'll be thinking about her!

  23. I can not woof. I will purrr and pray for Aunt Jen. Chemo is rough.

    I hope your mom learns the camera soon. My mom never reads the instruction books :-(

  24. Your toes are cute even when they're blurry! Best wishes to your Aunt Jen ...


  25. Awww, I am sorry to hear about your camera troubles but your squillion year old pictures are furry cute. And thanks for checking up on me and my runny nose! It was furry sweet of you.


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