Monday, May 5, 2008

Man Cat Monday

See that face up there? That is my best mad face. See, stuff happened over the weekend that really hissed me off. First of all, you may be wondering why my Man Cat Monday post is so late. Well, I'm wondering the same thing. I like these things to be taken care of first thing in the morning.

Second, you may notice the date on the photo. It's almost two years old. Grrrr. You might be asking, "Why, EG? Why is that photo so old?" Well, let me tell you, I'm asking myself the same thing. This is what I had to put up with:

The Mom got a new-to-her camera on Friday. But she has no idea how to work it. So what were intended to be super duper handsome pictures of me turned out to be horrible, blurry, ghosty-looking images. And she has no idea how to get them off the camera or make them look better. I'll chalk this up to every day The Mom problems. It's really nothing new. This I can deal with. We always have the regular camera to fall back on.

HOWEVER, what really cheesed my crackers was That Guy (formerly referred to here as "Dad"). That Guy loaned out the camera that The Mom actually sort of knows how to use normally uses. SO THERE ARE NO NEW PICTURES OF MY HANDSOMENESS. WHAT IF DORYDOO FORGETS WHAT I LOOK LIKE?????

THEN, on Saturday night, The Mom dropped a book and it made a loud noise and I had to do poofy tail at Titus, which got me yelled at. I really wasn't going to whap him. Really.

It was just a rough weekend. But That Guy better bring home The Mom's old camera or teach her how to use the new one**, because my friends should not be deprived of my greyness.

**I'm not holding my breath for this one, because the two of 'em couldn't even figure out how to attach the strap on the new camera. See what I'm working with here?


  1. Oh my cats! That certainly is a BIG problem EG. First no new piccy, then get blamed cuz you were showin the woofie whats a beautiful floofy tail you has?

    Shame on those beans, seems like they needs some more of that EG treatment.

  2. Sigh, I feel your pain there E.G. I live with two of the most technically-challenged parents a cat could imagine. It's a wonder that they can feed us sometimes! You did a tail poof at Titus?!? Did he get all scared and stuff???

  3. Your mom sounds like my mom . . .

    You look pretty handsome in this picture, this will suffice for today.
    Tell your mom... eh-hem, well my mmo does not do this... but tell your mom to read the ownership booklet. That is waht grampa calls it anyway.


  4. Oh, all sorts of technical difficulties this weekend! We hope your Mom gets the new camera straightened out!

    Hi Tazo ::waves:: Are you having a good sunny Monday!?


  5. Cameras are hard. My Mommie usually just uses the "automatic" setting because she is too busy wrangling me to do anything fancy with the camera. Sometimes our photos look fantastic in the LCD screen, but are a big disappointment when they are actually downloaded.

  6. Poor EG, you have to deal with so much! It is a wonder you don't replace your beans, sigh.

  7. Our mom has camera issues too so we know exactly what you have to deal with.

  8. Oh Earl, my sweetie and cutiepie! Don't worry. I won't forget what you look like. You are the most handsome mancat on the earth and your image is forever in my view!

    I'm sorry to hear about the camera troubles! Mom and Dad sometimes look at video cameras, and it would be fun if they got one of those because then you could hear me SQUEAK. I don't meow. I say EK EK EK EK. Hee! Except I'm sure I'd have to show Mom how to use the video camera. I'm much, much smarter than she is.

    A thousand whiskie-kisses to you, handsome!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  9. oh my Bast. you did have a terrible weekend. i think Dorydoo will faint when she sees new photos of you...but she'd never forget your handsomeness.

    i hope you have a better week now!

  10. Oh dear, Mommy has camera problems too. That is a great picture of your handsomeness!!!

  11. Wowww....New Camera~!!!!
    Don't worry, it always takes time to learn about the camera, I am sure you will be used to it in no time!

  12. oh my gooness. I would be hissed off too!!!!!
    but that is a very handsome mancat pic of you ;)

  13. Ooops.

    It can only get better, right, EG?

  14. Yikes, EG, sorry to hear about all the problems with the new camera! What kind of camera is it? Maybe one of us can help your mom with it.

    (Our mom took photography courses back in high school and actually learned how to develop her own photos. So you would think she would be able to take awesome photos of us, but she still manages to take just so-so ones, with an occasional good one thrown in, just out of pure luck, we're sure.)

  15. Ya know, I just don't know why the folks even bother with all that technology stuff..they think they can handle it, BUT THEY JUST CAN'T, but they delude themselves, don't they?

  16. You have every right to be hissed, E.G.! Sounds like someone needs to work a little harder at getting it right!


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