Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tazo Tuesday

In case anyone's wondering, EG is still quite out of sorts because of his horrible weekend. In other news, because it is Tazo Tuesday, let me tell you what's been going on in my world.

First of all, I am happy that Momma can't work the new camera. Because it is askeery. It makes a horrible, askeery clicky noise. Which is askeery. And makes me hide under the bed. So I don't have to have my picture taken. Because Momma can't find me. hee hee

In other other news, for the last week and a half, I have had an icky eye. (Please note that the above picture (taken in 2006!) shows a perfectly nice left eyeball. It's not a gooby eye in the least. Momma packed me in my carrier and tooked me to the V-E-T on Thursday. It was terrible. It was so askeery. My hide-from-the-V-E-T trick didn't even work. It's where I crawl into the farthest corner of my carrier and hold real still because if I don't move a muscle, then they can't see me. It didn't work. The V-E-T tech girl pulled me out of my carrier by the scruff of the neck. (Which, by the way, really hissed off Momma because she never ever ever would pick us up like that because it's not necessary for us. Momma gived her a dirty look and said that she'd be happy to get me out of the carrier the next time - hee hee). Anyway, I got weighed and I lost 9 oz! Momma gived me lots of kisses for that because we've been working really hard on losing a teeny bit of weight. Then Dr. C came in and looked in my ears and listened to my heart and looked at my gooby eye. She shined a light in there and didn't see anything. Then she tooked me in the back for a :gasp: corneal stain. It was terrible. She put goobier stuff in my gooby eye and then :whispers: looked right in there. It was so askeery. But she didn't see any scratches so she and Momma were super happy. She figured I have conjunctivitis and tried to give Momma some ointment to put in my eye, but Momma said, "No way! Do you have drops?" (Because Momma had to put ointment in Shadow's (the Dawg who came before) eye once and Shadow was as squiggly as me and Momma said she got more ointment in her own eyes than she ever got in Shadow's - hee hee). So I got drops. They suck. Twice a day, Momma makes me into a Tazo burrito and Daddy puts the drops in. But I do get temptations for being a good girl. Temptations count for a lot, but I think I should have more than two. And Momma says my eye is looking better, so hopefully I don't have to have the drops much longer.

In other, other, other news, Momma's wiped out. She visited Aunt Jen's kitty tonight to play with her for a little while. They were getting along just fine until Molly gave her the bitey. And Molly doesn't give gentle biteys. hee hee So Momma came home and discovered that Daddy had brought her some beers. So she had a few one of these:

PS - She says that she thinks a toona-tini might be tastier. hee hee

So that's our Tuesday. Whew! I need a nap. Bert, you wanna come over and snooze in the stroller with me?


  1. Poor Tazo. :( Sorry to hear about your eye, and that you need drops. We are glad that they are working and that your eye is doing better! Temptations are a good reward for getting drops.

  2. Awwww, poor Tazo. I hope that eye gets better fast! Two temptations are definitely not enough for enduring that kind of torture.

  3. awww poor Tazo. I feel your pain! I gets ointments in my eye. But I gets 5 tem-tay-shuns for being a good boy. you should demand a raise

  4. We are glad you your eye is getting better. You should get more temptations though.

    Daddy tried that beer too and thought it was too limey. He says he's rather just have a Corona with a real lime in it instead.

  5. Holy Cats, what a day! I am glad your eye looks better. There is nothing worser than getting made into a burrito! And only TWO Temptations??? Girl, you need to go on strike and demand higher wages for your burritoness!
    Mommy says thumbs down on that beer. She's like riley and tiki's Dad!

  6. Poor Tazo!! That is rough! You and your mom both need some TLC!

  7. Oh Tazo, I am sorry you had to go to the VET, I know it is not very fun at all and I HATE it when my Mum wraps me up in a burrito, that really sucks. Hang in there my friend!

  8. More Temptations for Tazo! More Temptations for Tazo!

    Congratulations on your weight loss, that's a very big accomplishment. And I am glad to learn that your icky eye is getting better.

  9. Ooooooo the v-e-t is a scary place. I has to go there on Wednesday for lots of stuffs. I am glads you gots out of there with that mean tech girl and all!

  10. Oh my sweet Tazo, I'm so sorry you have a goopy eye - that's no fun what so ever. And drops are awful, I hope that you are done with your medicine soon!

    I would love to come over and snuggle in the stroller with you - it's sort of an icky day here today purr-haps it's sunnier at your house?


  11. Oh Tazo, I'm so sorry you have to have those sucky drops! :( Hope your eye's better soon ...

  12. How HORRIBLE!!! I had that happen to me a few months back and it sucked big time. I have to say drops are better than ointment.

    No luck with the new camera? What kind is it, maybe my useless human can help.


  13. WOW!! What an ordeal you had!!!! I hope your eye gets better quickly!!
    WE could have told your Mom that toona is the best!! It tastes good in everything ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  14. Awwww, Tazo! I'm sorry you got the gooby eye! Brainball had the gooby eye last year too and hadded to have eyedroppies. He hated 'em hated 'em hated 'em. Daddy would hold him inna Brainball burrito and Momma would put in the droppies. I hope yur gooby eye gets bettur real real soon! I think you should get a skwillion Temptayshuns fur havin to put up with eyedroppies.

    And I'm sorry the new kamera makes a skeery noise!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    ps -- Dorydoo's sendin lotsa whiskie kisses to EG!

  15. Sorry, Tazo. I hope your eyeball gets better soon. I'm sure more Temptations would speed recovery right up.

  16. I only get one temptation when I get my flooids...

    I hope your eye gets better. I think the drops are more comfy too. Oinkmint ends up rolling out of your eye and getting on your furs and then you have to lick it.

    YOu looked very nice in 2006. I hope you can tell that new camera to be quieter!

    love and purrs

  17. Wow! We're sorry about your scary adventure at the Vet! But, we're happy that your eye is getting better, even though you have to put up with those icky drops.

  18. Tazo dear, I didn't realize you had an entire day named after you! I wonder if there's a Tipper day?

    I had to have eye drops when I was a baby 'cause I had an eye infection too. I know drops are terrible, but they're better than an eye infection. Get well soon.



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