Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shedding Season

Well, it's shedding season again. Every year around this time, big chunks of my undercoat start falling off my 'tocks. Well, sometimes they fall off and other times Mom pulls them off (which is kind of annoying, but she enjoys it, so I let her get away with it). She's been wielding the Furminator a lot, even though I prefer the Zoom Groom. But anyway, this is the kind of thing you see around our house lately.

But last night, something weird happened. Which was supposed to be the super exciting thing that Tazo was talking about yesterday. Except the only one really excited about this so called "exciting thing" is Mom. But here's the deal - Mom went to the groomer last night and got all her furs chopped off! Two years ago, Mom and her niece decided to grow their furs hair out so they could donate it. For the last couple of months, they've been going back and forth about when they were going to do it. Last week, when Mom was watching Aunt Jen pick out wigs for her chemo, she figured it was time. So last night, they went and got their furs cut. They took lots of pictures and everyone in the salon was giggling at them because they were acting so silly. Here are some pictures:

This is our cousin, K-Dawg, "Before"

Here is the groomer holding a chunk of K-Dawg's hair

Here is the "After"

Here's Mom's "Before"

Here is the groomer doing the first cut

Mom decided to get highlights and lowlights because she's never had them before. This is a picture of how she looks when we're playing RAWR. Only without the pretty pink foil things.

Here's Mom's "After"

Here's the pile of hair that they're going to mail off today. Doesn't it look like it would be super fun to play with?

They filled out all the forms last night and Mom wrote a note saying that they were dedicating their cuts in honor of Aunt Jen. (They're donating the hair to a local charity that helps kids with hair loss get wigs, so it's not really going to Aunt Jen, but it's in her honor.)

From the looks of that last picture, it looks like the groomer might have used the Furminator on Mom and cousin K-Dawg. hehe

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of hair! :) Both your mom and cousin have great curly hair! :) Our mom has always wanted to grow her hair long enough to get it cut for charity (like Locks of Love), but she's never been able to get it quite long enough. With all her running and fitness classes, she gets fed up with it when it gets too long, and it's never been quite long enough to donate.

  2. We are somewhat ashamed to admit that its our Daddy, not our Mommy, who has donated to Locks of Love TWICE. We think its a great organization and think its awesome that your Mom and cousin doanted their hairs too! We are very proud of them!

  3. Wow, what a lot of beautiful curly hair! They look fabulous, before and after! What a great cause to donate to!

  4. Concatulations! What a great job!

    Luf, Us

  5. YAY!!! What a great thing your Mom and cousin did! Our Aunt has donated her furrs twice.

    Hi Tazo ::waves::


  6. Your mom and cousin have beautiful, curly hair! What a great thing to do, too. My Mommie wishes she had pretty curly hair like that. Hers is straight as a stick. No body at all! Curly is better.

  7. haha thats hilarious! But that haircut totally suits your human! Seriously, I bet she is really pleased - looks gorgeous! x

  8. Your mom's hair looks like SO much fun to play with! I think it is so cool that they donated their hair and the LL says your mom's hair looks really cute shorter!


  9. Your momma is real cute, buddies! Momma has given away her furs a couple of times. She has very thick furs on her head, and they grow very quickly, so sometimes she lets it grow down her back and then she has it all cut off above her ears. And then she starts all over again. I bet Tripper wishes he could have all of those Bean-furs.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  10. That is so awesome of your mom and K-Dawg. Mom is jealous of that great curly hair they both have. Give them both head butts (gentle ones) from us, would you!

    Roxy & Lucky

  11. Whats the bean saying hair today gone tomarrows? That's lots of hair gone I bets they feel lighter now. It's greats they donated their hairs. I wonders if kittys can do thats?

  12. Oh, I am so happy that your Momma and K-Dawg did that! What a wonderful thing to do! Smooches to both of them for being such angels!
    Your Momma looks fun and very pretty!

  13. Dat was sooo nice of yoor momma and K-Dawg. Our uncle Gil has donated twice and mom is almost ready to. Yoor mom and yoo aunt have really purrty hairs.

  14. Wow, my mom says she had to PAY to have hair like that, but she's glad you have it for Aunt Jen's sake and for other's like her. Your furs are very pretty!

  15. What a wonderful thing to do! Your aunt and your mom are very brave for cutting off their furs, but they are very nice for thinking of others like that! You have taught them well!

  16. Wowie, what a wunnerful thing yur Momma and yur Auntie did. And they have such beeyootiful curly furs!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin lots and lots of whiskie kisses to EG, her Cutiepie!


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