Friday, May 9, 2008

Froot Bat Friday

In other news, today is Mom and Dad's 10th anniversary. They've been married way longer than I've even been alive. That's like a squillion years or something. Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I hope your folks have a wonderful 10th!
    AND - Titus, you look very frootbatty today!

  2. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! My mom and dad have been married eleven years! I hope your beans have a wonderful and happy day together.

    Titus, you are looking adorable and frootbatty as always! Tell Earl (*swoon*) that I cooperated for an extra-nice frootbatty photo shoot, and for every photo, I was thinking of him! GRIN!

    Love and cuddles to all of you, and many, many whiskie kisses to Earl!

  3. Oopsie, my name is Dorydoo again, not Burpydoo. Burpydoo is my Party Name, given to me by Momo because I so love burping contests! GRIN!

  4. Hi, my white friend! Happy Anniversary to your folks!

  5. Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!

  6. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!! It's great that they love each other and they found room in their hearts for all of you!!

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat

  7. Happy 10th to your mom and dad!
    You look stunning as usual, Titus.
    White frootbats are the most beautiful!

  8. Happy Mothers Day to your mommakitty and happy anniversary too

  9. Happy Versiary to your beans!

    Happy Meowmy's Day to your mom.

    And Titus as always, you has awesome pinkness to your ears!

  10. Happy 10th Anniversary

    Roxy & Lucky

    PS Happy Mother's Day

  11. Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! 10 years -- that's terrific!


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