Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 38

Thirteen Random Thoughts We've Had This Week:

1. I bet I could hurry up and eat this plastic bag and The Mom will never know. (EG)

2. It's a good thing my toe furs are so long - it disguises my need for a mani/pedi. (Titus)

3. Rabbit poo and kittybox crunchies are delicious. (Titus)

4. As soon as Dad opens the door and forgets to look out for me, I am so out of here. (EG)

5. The boiler repair dude needs my snoopervision. Oh, and Daisy, he didn't bring his plumber's crack with him. heh (EG)

6. The boiler repair dude is a stranger and is in my house and is very askeery. I'm going under the bed. (Tazo)

7. If The Mom checks us one more time for Freezy Toes (when our toes are super chilly and feel like little ice cubes) or Frozen Ears of Corn (when our ears feel super cold) one more time, she just might get the bitey. (EG)

8. That case of toilet paper looks mighty shreddable. (Titus)

9. The twins are hogging my tower of beds and my new Christmas blankie. (Titus)

10. Oooooh! Renegade chick pea! It's MINE! (Titus and Tazo)

11. Black tuxedos are very handsome. (Tazo)

12. What's a furminator and why is Momma so excited about it? (Tazo)

13. Listen, lady. The name is Grey. Earl Grey. (EG)


  1. Ewww Titus you likes bun poo and tootsie rolls from the litter? *Yuck*

    Earl Grey keep remindin the lady your name, she'll get it soon!

    I'm with you Tazo, I hide when strangers come over too!

  2. Lots of interesting thoughts going through your heads this week! Titus, stay out of the litterbox!

  3. Saw your pic over at Mickey's and came to say Hi. Love the list, I didn't realize woofies like toilet paper too. I once took two rolls and made a nice shredded mosaic through the house while They were away. Beautiful!


  4. You guys have had a very busy week, haven't you. I hope the boiler man did his job right so you don't have Freezy Toes or Frozen Ears of Corn anymore. Thanks for tagging me for the meme--I put it up today!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  5. Mommy is excited about # 12 as well.... It sound skairty if you ask me.


  6. Wow . . you three did a lot of thinking this week!

  7. That's a great T13! Bert is very cute Tazo and such a nice kitty, too. He helps me at the TGH as a Reporter! (Sam) Earl Grey please don't eat the plastic, it's not good for you! Have a wonderful day!
    Your FL furiends,

    Earl Grey, come on over and check out the M-Cats Club! Maybe you would like to join us for some food and drink.
    Mr. Tigger

  8. rabbit poo. seriously? come on Titus. that's just ick.

  9. Ugh, we had broken heat once. It sucked, the Woman kept trying to get me under the covers with her- thanks, I have a pelt, I'm good.


  10. Frozen Ears of Corn! Hahahahah! That's a good one. I hope things warm up at your place soon.

  11. That was a super T13!! Typical dog,has no sense of taste! Did you hear Mom go "Ewwwwwwww,mental picture" at #5,hahahahaha!!!!
    YAY for the heat!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  12. Yep - George would snack at the litter box if she could.

    Tazo I'm so excited - I'll be right over (how did you know I only like the honeynut cherrios?)!


  13. Kittybox Crunchies! Titus is cracking me up. *snicker* And Titus shreds toilet paper, too? MaoMao and I both love to shred toilet paper.

    Lots of interesting thoughts there, my friends!

    And handsome Earl -- whiskie kisses galore to you!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  14. I totally agree with you on #8! Wanna share?
    The rabbit poop one had mom cringing. hahahaha


  15. Titus please, you have too special unique habit.

    Dear Furry Kids,s Mom~~
    I finally seperate all the lip smackers you gave to everyone of my family, my father just came home last night and I show all of the gifts you sent for Adan.
    My Father was very touching as well, he also thanks to you very much~!!!!

    And he loves the stocking you sent as well~!

  16. Titus, we needed you here when we had our Dustbunny and we had LOTS of rabbit poo! My mom used it fertilize her garden and still had tons left over!


  17. Oooh! We enjoyed reading the inner workings of your minds! Fun TT!Happy Almost Friday to all!
    Mr. Chen & Ollie

  18. That was a furry great list of thoughts! I like messin around in the litter boxie, too -- I play poop hockey sometimes!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  19. Ewwwww. Titus, go drink some mouthwash!!

    Tazo dear, we're so happy for you & Bert. We just know you were meant to be together!

    Tipper & Misty

  20. Dang Titus, we hope yoo don't kiss yoor mom after yoo been litter box surfing!

  21. You guys crack us up!

    Tell your Momma to be ready with the vacuum when she gets that furminator!

    Luf, Us


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