Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 35

EG here. The Mom has been very sick this week and hasn't been able to HELP US BLOG. :( But I digress. She's feeling lots better and has been thanking us for taking such good care of her for the last few days. We've heard that some other beans have been under the weather lately, too, so we thought that we'd share what we learned this week about caring for sick beans.

Thirteen Things That Are Very Important in the Care of Sick Beans

1. When a bean is frowing up in the human litterbox, they really like it if you put your front paws up on the toilet and watch. Snoopervising is very important.

2. When beans have high fevers (not fev-vers!) and are very achy, it is important to jump on them and walk all over. Boobwalking at this point is very, very important.

3. Thundering Herd of Elephants is a great distraction from the beans' misery. Especially at 3 am. This great distraction is very important.

4. If your bean is too sick to get up to feed you at regular mealtimes, MA-ROW-ing must begin 30 minutes before the scheduled meal. And continue at increased volumes until they are roused from the couch. Sticking to a schedule is very important.

5. A sleeve of saltines that is placed near the bean's head is meant to be stolen. It is important that beans get their exercise during this time by chasing you down the hallway, staggering the whole way because they are weak and dizzy. Then growl at them when they try to take your crackers away. heh heh

6. When the bean has the chills, cuddling is very important.

7. Drinking straws are to be stolen from the sick bean's glass.

8. Ginger ale should always be sampled.

9. Jello is not the same without a paw print in it. Or a couple of furs.

10. Most of your normal, daily routines should be adjusted (or even suspended) until the bean feels better, with the exception of the following: scheduled mealtimes, trips to the litterbox, grooming, Thundering Herd of Elephants, and napping.

11. Chewing holes in the plastic bag that your bean stores under his/her pillow in case of a vomitous-type emergency is very, very important. Chewing holes in the *bottom* of the bag is a great way to show that you care.

12. While the sick bean is on the couch/in bed/wherever, make noises in another room that sound naughty. Clanking around, opening cupboards, chewing on plastic, that sort of thing. The most important part of this item is that when the bean staggers into the room that you're in, you must just be sitting there, looking at them like they're crazy.

13. The bitey must be suspended during the duration of the beans' illness.

Ok, well, one more...
14. Purring is very good medicine.


  1. Oh my goodness! It sounds like your mom had a very bad tummy illness. I'm glad to hear she is feeling better now. Lots of purrs for her.


  2. Straws? Did you say straws?!?! I LOVE STRAWS!!


    Jack's a bit obsessed or can't you tell? Anyway, we really are very glad that your bean is feeling better. Sick beans is no fun!

  3. It sounds like you are taking good care of your mom while she is sick. Good opportunities for neat toys too!

  4. Ha, ha, ha.....that was an excellent T13, it made both me and my Mum laff and laff.

    I'm glad your Mum is feeling better, you guys must have done a good job!

  5. Love #10! I also agree with thundering-herd while they're getting sick. When the LL was yakking her guts up (I think I saw a kidney) we were running around and she actually said she wanted to cause us harm! I think that was just the drugs talking- the same ones that made her yak. I do hope she's feeling better soon. You know, so she can play/feed you more often.


  6. Numbers 1 and 5 had mommy laffing so hard she made noises like a pig!

  7. That is a very good list! I agree with everything on it.

    Straws are ALWAYS important to steal. An unstolen straw is an unhappy straw.

  8. Ooo, that is a great list. You are very good nurses. I will make sure to put a paw print on it next time Momma makes Jello. Don't forget to stop by to pick up your award!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  9. EG, that list is so trues! #14 is the most importants one!!

  10. It is like deja vu over here! Was that ginger ale Vernors by any chance? If it was AND it was diet vernors, that was all Mommy drank for about 4 days. She has to have Vernors when she is sick (it's a childhood thing).
    You are right about the bitey - it must be suspended. We never did it, not even one time when she was sick!
    Diamond is A-OK now. Having his butt squeezed perked him right up - he never had that problem till now and he's over 5 years old! He takes Clavamox for another 4 days, just to make sure he doesn't get an infection.
    Let's all stay healthy now!

  11. Nice 13! Come check out my delicious post! Im on the weight watchers diet as well as many others, so, sorry if you are on a diet for 08 but I couldn't resist this Thirteen post!

  12. Those are some good tips. I am taking copious notes so I am prepared when my Mommie gets sick.

    I am glad your mom is feeling better now. This just proves that your tips work.

  13. That's some list. We'll have to print and save it for when Jan gets sick. We want to take good care of her!

    jans funny farm

  14. You awe such vewy cawing and good kids to do all those difficult things on youw list just to make you Mom bettew! I'm weally glad it wowked..I wish I had some bwuvvews ow sistews so I could do mowe fow when my Mommi is sick..that's a big list
    smoochie kisses

  15. Lol...Sounds like you did a great job.Glad she's feeling better :)

  16. Dat is furry good, we have done all of those fur mom 'cept she's not frowing up just coffing and sneezing...a lot. We find dat fishing tissues out of da box and leavnig dem effuryware is really good. Dat way she always has a tissue available. Effun if she does almost fall over while bending down to pick one up...

  17. Another sick mum? This is not good! We must purr better and put out better healing vibes.

  18. Bummer that your mom's all sickie. Take good care of her! (I loved your TT!)

  19. It sounds to me like your human should be feeling much better now after all the things you did for her. (We hope so!) It must take a lot of time and effort to learn them all, so she should appreciate that.

  20. I'm glad your mom is feeling better. It sounds like the three of you are on round the clock duty taking care of her! And somewhere in there, you had time to help me...Thank you so much!

  21. It's also very important to demand really stinky, stinky goodness when you'z got a sickly feelin' bean! ;)

  22. Purring is the best medicine, and cats are born nurses. Woofies I am not so sure about.

  23. Oah Dear~~
    I hope your mommy is totally recovered by your special treaments now~!!!

    How great is she having you!

  24. Hahahaha...we love #1 and #2!

    Hope you're doing OK now.

  25. Oh no! We Ballicai are so sorry yur Mom's been feelin bad. And it sounds like you furry kids have taken furry furry good care of her. You're right, purrin is superduper great medicine! And Momma's laffin at yur list -- makin noises that sound naughty! I swear, my Momma's got superhero hearin or somethin. Efun when I'm doin somethin naughty superduper quiet, she can STILL HEAR ME and she sez, "MAO, what are you UP TO?" HOw does she DO THAT!!!!

    I hope yur Momma is feelin better! Us Ballicai are sendin her lots and lots of healin purrs.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  26. Belated wishes for your Mom! It sounds like you had caring for her under control! Our Mom was sick a few weeks before Christmas, it sounds like she had the same thing as your Mom. Padre and Panda Bear took care of item #1. Meerkat chose to handle cuddling and purring instead.

    Padre, Panda Bear, and Meerkat


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