Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A PSA from Titus and a Bunch of Awards

First of all, Titus would like to post a PSA about his resolutions from yesterday. As far as the raisin bran goes, DO NOT EAT IT. It may sound tasty, but it just isn't a good idea. It has raisins which are very bad for dawgs and kitties. And it has bran, which turns out to be very bad for your 'tocks. Momma called the V-E-T and they told her to induce vomiting to try to get the raisins out (which wasn't pretty). Titus didn't give up very many raisins, so the V-E-T told her to watch him closely for DAYS to make sure that he didn't have any trouble from the raisins. And, well, the 'tocks part? He's never pooped so much in his whole life. heh So, to save yourself the hassle of being hovered over and having sore 'tocks to boot, just DON'T DO IT.

So we got Mom (FINALLY) help us post our awards.

This one came from our great friends Adan and Ariel.

We're nominating Dragonheart and Merlin because they teach us lots of stuff about sphynx kitties. And we're also nominating Eric & Flynn because they always get us thinking about how cool it would be to be able to run around on a farm and catch mousies (and if they have British accents-hee hee).

This one is for all of us from the Ballicai and from Yoggie.

The You Make My Day Awardie is presented to bloggers whose blog brings you happiness and inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland. The rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people (kitties/dawgs/buns/rats).
So we pick:

William, Russell, & Caroline, Dragonheart & Merlin, and Poppy Q.

This award is to Titus, from his fellow froot batty friend, Kaze.

Titus is nominating his NOMSS pal, Marie and also Mosaic Dawg, because we think he's a little bit sweet on her. heh


  1. Raisin bran does not sound like a good thing to eat. Congratulations on your awards! You all deserve them. We are very honoured that you chose to pass some along to us! Thank you! :)

  2. Do you know this is Mosaic Dawg's very first award? And she is so beside herself she had to go take a nap in her bed (before Willie bogarts it, as usual.)
    Maybe Zoolatry will do a VD creation of Leah and Titus? If we ask nicely after the girl's wedding on 2/3, that is.
    Now, about those towels on the dining room table...they are there for our comfort, Sillies! ML feels bad for us if we lay on the hard table top, so she puts towels out so we have some cushioning. Just last hour she put a second one out so Annie would not fight with Sadie for the sole towel. See how well we've trained her? She really IS P-whipped!
    Thanks from Leah for the very flattering award from her secret crush, Titus!

  3. ConCATulashuns on yur awardies! They are all furry well deserved -- alla you are superduper!!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  4. Thank you for that story about Titus and the raisin bran. I'm sure it must be bad for bunnies too, so I will stay away from eating it. (I'd prefer to eat the frosting off the frosted mini wheats anyway!)

    Congratulations on your awards! Maybe Titus should get a special 'tocks award!

  5. Oh Titus! I am so honoured to receive this "So Special Award"! You are very special to me too!!


  6. Congratulations on your awards! And thank you very much for passing the You Make My Day award on to me--this was so nice!


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