Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 39

13 Things That We've Helped Mom With This Week
by Tazo and EG

1. We snoopervised the making of some cheese ravioli last night. She did ok. Except we didn't get to taste the final product.

2. We inspected her bowl of honey nut cheerios with very vanilla soy milk. It passed the paw test. hee hee

3. We helped her while she reorganized the Off Limits Room. We did this by hiding behind the bookcase, just out of her reach. And then running from the bookcase to under the bed - also just out of reach.

4. We chewed her boot laces.

5. We helped her with the recycling by pulling all the plastic bags out and chewing them. And by playing hide and seek in the paper bag that holds the newspapers so much that it ripped and the newspapers fell out.

6. We helped with the plumbing this week. Our boiler is sort of fixed, but needs two new parts, so it's been leaking a little. We help by pulling out the bucket that she and Dad are using to catch the dripping water. EG also likes to drink out of the bucket, which really freaks her out.

7. We helped her get ready for work by making sure that her shower goes well. It is very important that when she opens the curtain, she's face to face with EG. We also help her dry off by licking the water drops off her ankles. hee hee

8. We helped her write checks this week. Mainly by chewing on the pen while she's using it.

9. We helped save her from the evil space heater. Those things are very dangerous, so we make sure that we're lying between her and the space heater. That way we can block the very, very dangerous heat that it gives off.

10. We have made sure that she is not late for work by getting her up on time - every day this week. If she gets up at 3:53 am, that gives her almost 4 hours to get ready. That's plenty of time.

11. We sampled her mugs of water to make sure that they meet our quality standards.

12. We have made sure that she's doing the laundry the right way by jumping inside the dryer and freaking her out. There are just some things that should not be tumble dried, like her favorite sweater. And us.

13. We thoroughly inspected the new books that she bought by sniffing them and kicking them off the counter onto the floor.


  1. What would your mom do without you? Nice job snoopervising her activities this past week!

  2. You have been very busy helping your mum this week. We're sure she appreciated it.

  3. While all humans owned by cats complain that for the moment cats are only sleeping the whole day, you are so unusual busy !! Keeping busy your poor mum like that ! But she should be happy when you go under the furniture because you take the dust away !

  4. I hope your mommy appreciates all that hard work!

  5. You've been doing things just exactly as we like things at our house. We prefer to get Mom up a teeny bit earlier than 3:53, but that is still good.

  6. Very good! It's so important that we kitties take care of things like this, because our beans could never do it on their own!


  7. You are very, very helpful. I do not know how your mom would ever get along without you!

  8. Your Mom makes ravioli from scratch? she free to come by our house?

  9. those are furry important jobs. especially whapping the books.

  10. EG,Tazo and Titus
    I can't believe all the help you have given! You must be exhausted..I hope you get plenty of snooze time once youw Mom gets off to wowk, so you can be enewgised by the time she comes home and continue to help hew..
    I bet she weally appweciates this
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  11. You are very clever to help your mommy like that! We like to inspect the books by chewing on them to make sure they taste okay. You never can tell with books these days.

  12. Hee hee. We chew on Dad's pen to help him rite checks too. Yoo am keepin bizzy helpin owt yur beans.

  13. Oh my goodness, gracious. #10 is hysterical. I think mom would KILL me if I woke her up four hours early for work. The rest of your answers are just as funny.

    Roxy & Lucky

  14. Hahahahahaha, I had so much fun reading how you helped your mom. But number 10... hahahahahaha... I think our mommies would do the same as Roxy & Lucky's mom -- KILL me!


  15. Those are some important things to snoopervise for your bean.

  16. Oh Tazo, you're so sweet to help your Mommy that way! I bet our mommy is glad we're not that helpful!


  17. You are great helpers. I don't help Deb much at all. But, she loves honey nut cheerios with vanilla soy milk too!

  18. All that work and the week isn't even over! We hope you get a big check for all the snoopervising you did this week.

  19. You guys are so helpful! And I do #9, too. It's very important to keep our moms safe.

    Hey, I gave you guys an award. Come on by to see!

  20. Oh boy have you ever had a busy week!

  21. I honestly don't know what your Mom would do without you! We try to be helpful too!

  22. Wow, what would your Mom do, without the three of you to snoopervise? Mom doesn't know how she got along before us Ballicai -- she calls us her "Little Kitty Assistants!"

    Whiskie kisses to you, handsome Earl! *grin*

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!

  23. What a big help you are. You should get a raise!

    jans funny farm


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